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National SEO Services

Taping the power of the internet, we take your business places

Being on top is the need of the hour, we make you get there and stay there. Geographical constraints hold no ground in today’s times and hitting the Global market hard is the need of the hour for many businesses. At this point, all you need is the right strategy which keeps you visible and afloat at all times.

Well, our strategized National SEO campaign is just the perfect panacea for your website. Here we pay special emphasis on the following aspects as we begin your National SEO campaign for your website

  1. We carry out intense market Survey of your business area and the people who would be your target market.
  2. We carry out an in-depth analysis of your website from the optimization aspects.
  3. We Study the Customer psyche and the past search online trend in your industry so as to suggest the right keyword selection.

Our Mix of Right keyword selection and Precise Budgeting is a Sure shot Game winner

We take National SEO campaign for our clients as a challenge where getting your business on top is always our Priority. As we kick-start your National SEO campaign, our work will focus primarily to keep the keyword selection the best and on top always.

Our Keyword Selection mantra is based on:

  1. Close watch and analysis of high volume, high converting keywords
  2. Keeping financial aspects of the campaign in control which works in tandem with the clients spending ability.
  3. Keeping in mind building the brand identity of the company and the fact that the keyword becomes synonymous with the name of the company.
  4. The expected traffic a particular keyword draws, its relevance, the triggering thought behind the keyword, aptness, expected keenness and appropriateness.
  5. Beating the Competition, which is generally high for Generic keywords and thus countering this by incorporation of long tail keywords.
  6. Analysis of pertinent quick result keywords so as to give the initial push to the campaign in the initial stages.

Salient points of our National SEO campaign and our on spot precise reporting

  1. We begin by targeting the most commonly used keywords pertaining to your industry segment.
  2. We incorporate relevant keywords, content, Sitemap and all the relevant condiments which will make it easily scanned by Search Engines.
  3. Innumerable Keyword iterations will be carried out so as to arrive at keywords delivering best page rankings
  4. The content that we write for you will be immensely SEO friendly.
  5. Added to this Content will be tastefully and strategically matched to the long-tailed Keywords to genuinely go with the content flow.
  6. We will maintain monthly keyword positioning logs and will be sharing the same with you.
  7. Keyword selection and iterations will constantly be shared with you, to keep you on top of the situation always.

Our super energized SEO team

Our highly professional team of SEO experts is a class apart where each member is a master in their respective field.

They work concurrently on different aspects of the SEO campaign strategy and finally combine their tasks with the sole aim to achieve higher ranking for you.

    1. Our experienced teams of SEO marketers create an updated sitemap from time to time.
  1. At the same time, they are involved in updating the Search engines for any kind of new content that has been added on the website so that it can be picked by the Google bots.
  2. Our Creative teams of writers are always working round the clock.
    Their all efforts are all the while towards creating fresh content so that content is picked up by search engines to help enhance its rankings.
  3. Our SEO specialists understand all of the strategies and techniques that are required in order to get to and maintain first-page search engine ranking on a national level.
  4. Our top of the line SEO executives is excellent researchers and analysts in the field.

They study and identify the apt and top of the line keywords best suited for your website using the latest, algorithm powered Keyword tools.

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