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Onsite IT Staffing

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Onsite IT Staffing Services for Growth Oriented Organizations

Canbay is your go-to IT Staffing partner when you are looking to compliment your internal recruiting team to hire excellent resources at all levels in any technology area. We work with start-ups as well as leading Fortune 500 companies to support them with their IT needs. Our account managers understand your needs in terms of technology, and cultural fit. Understanding your goals and objectives is the key for us to be a valued partner. We work closely with you and help you manage the hiring process. We identify the right candidates based on their skills, motivations and expectations based on your requirements.

Our People are our strength

We understand that recruiting has always been the “people” industry. Automation and artificial intelligence support the processes but at the end of the day, we are hiring human beings. Our recruiting team interacts with potential candidates to understand them and only submit the profiles when they are sure of a good fit. We believe in building long term relationships and all our activities with the clients and candidates are done to achieve that goal. We treat our clients and candidates with utmost respect and fairness. Our recruiters have access to over a million candidates in our internal database. Apart from that, we use social media and portals as our hiring tools. We have access to IT candidates across North America.

Canbay: The IT Matchmaker

Some of our team members insist that we are the ultimate matchmakers. Matching the right profiles to the correct jobs is an art and science. The art portion ensures that the soft skills, the cultural fit are suitable for the client and candidate. And in IT staffing recruiting, an essential factor is the right match of technology profile. Our teams give their best to ensure that the matches they make are long lasting and beneficial for the candidates and clients.

On-Site IT Staffing from Our Professional Team

Industry-Specific Skills | Great Teamwork


We recruit the IT team for your firm with skilled employees in every field. You can get web designers, web developers, software engineers, hardware engineers, programmers and a lot more for the IT section of your company.


Each member of our IT team works with excellent teamwork and full dedication. Our team works in the coordination with your management and provides you full support for your business growth.

Why Hire Us for Onsite IT Staffing

High Level of Expertise

Our IT staffing team members have a high level of expertise in their areas and are able to take the responsibility of your projects on their parts and provide you their full coordination.


We provide cost-effective solutions for your organization. IT staff appointed by us will be proven to be more feasible for you as compared to the usual process.

Vast Network

Our vast network allows our clients to get the candidates for their IT team from a pool of talent. We select the best employees for you and conduct interviews with you if required.


We also manage a helpdesk team, which is always available to assist you in case you need any information regarding our staffing process as well as if you have any query after recruitment.

Acquire Highly Skilled Staff For Your IT Team From a Pool Of Talent

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