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Offshore Staffing Services

Higher Efficiencies And Productivity Beyond Conventional Staffing Models

Offshore Staffing Services

Our offshore staffing services are available to provide you the perfect solutions for your staffing needs from the remote areas. 

We provide offshore professionals as remote employees, who give perfect assistance to your team and are based out of our facility in Gurgaon, India. We are an NJ-based company with nearly 100 employees, with the off-shore delivery facility in Gurgaon, India. In India, you get an unmatched talent pool in IT and digital skills. It allows you a great choice for a large pool or resources.

Benefits You Get from Our Offshore Staffing Services

* Get an advantage of choosing from a large pool.

* You get fresh perspectives and ideas.

* Increase flexibility and unwavering focus by availing our services.

* You find 24/7 service from us.

* The start-ups get additional advantages.

* Offshore staffing is a cost-effective solution.

* The employees work under your supervision.

Our Procedure

Once you send us your staffing requirement, we start working to identify the resources, which are best suitable according to your organization. The process includes:

* We send your profiles of the candidates selected by us.

* Your shortlisted candidates are gone through an interview process, which can be conducted via video or in our office.

So, it is clear that these remote employees are hired on the basis of your requirements. They work under your supervision, and we look after the background check and other formalities locally. The local payroll, HR, supervision, infrastructure, day-to-day support, and legal issues are also managed by us. The remote employees work with full dedication for you, and a fixed monthly fee is charged by us in return of that.

Offshore Staffing Services as per Clients’ Needs

Project Accomplishment | Project Review | Full Coordination

Project Commencement

We start work with the orientation of newly-hired resources, by explaining them your project requirements, milestones, and deliverables. We also tell them about your expectations from them so that they could work keeping the goals in mind more efficiently according to your industry.

Project Work

After we explain the project to our team, who is working for you, it starts working on the project as per your requirement that is set forth by the client. Our team uses its knowledge about the project at the fullest and provides you the best solutions for your business growth.

Project Review & Communication

Our offshore team works in full coordination with the onsite team. Time to time the project is reviewed, and the quality and the timeliness of the project delivery are reviewed. Appropriate amendments are made in the work as well as the process wherever required.

Project Completion

The offshore team completes the tasks as well as the other required duties in compliance with the project standard that is set forth by the clients. During the process of completion, the offshore team stays in touch with your team and work in full coordination to give the best results.

Why Select Our Offshore Staffing Services


You can contact our helpdesk in case of any requirement related to our offshore team. If you face any issue or you have any query, our helpdesk team is always available to assist you.

Verifiable Results

Our team provides you the outcomes that can be checked and reviews easily and changes can be made whenever required. Suggestions from the onsite team are always welcomed.

Flexible & Efficient System

Our flexible staffing services provide you the chance to get suitable manpower at economical costs. Our project staff works to enhance quality and maximize efficiency for your business.

Better Clients’ Experience

We at Canbay Inc takes full care of your project and check whether your projects are being fulfilled perfectly or not. Our team provides you perfect day to day services.

Acquire Full Satisfaction With Our Best Quality Offshore Staffing Services

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