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Nearshore Staffing Services

Real-time collaboration during normal business hours via our nearshore staffing services

Nearshore Staffing Services

Canbay Inc – Nearshore Staffing Services

Our nearshore staffing services are aimed to provide you the best staffing solutions according to your office needs. Our team is fully capable to provide you the real-time support as required by you. Canbay, the company, dedicated to the nearshore staffing services, assists you in managing your work efficiently to ensure your business growth.

Nearshore Staffing Services

You are at the right place if you are looking for the ideal nearshore staffing services. The nearshore staffing is the best option when you need more support and coverage for your business with real-time collaboration. We are a 10-year-old New Jersey-based company with nearly 100 employees with the nearshore delivery facility in Mexico.

Our Procedure

After we receive your staffing requirement, our team starts working to identify the resources suitable according to staffing and technology needs of your organization. Candidates are shortlisted by you, who further go through the interview process. The interviews can be conducted through video or in our office.

Benefits You Get from Nearshore Staffing Services

* You no more require the face the long communication delays.

* There is no need for midnight meetings.

* Nearshore staffing service connects with cost-minimizing developers in your area to deliver a high ROI as well as customer transparency in IT staffing.

* Our nearshore development center facilitates out teams to fit into the development practices, which need real-time collaborations.

* With video conference, we can participate in the daily procedures and can resolve queries, demonstrate completed tasks and a lot more, which is beneficial for your enterprise.

Expert nearshore team engages in your tasks more frequently as compared to traditional offshore development.

Perfectly Managed Nearshore Staffing Services

Industry-Specific Staff | Real Time Support | Strategic Work


We conduct meetings with you and listen and understand your business. Our industry-specific recruiters have a good understanding of your domain. They ensure to search, screen and place the most eligible employees according to your requirements.


We maintain quality relationships with you and stay in touch with you to ensure that our employees are meeting your expectations perfectly. Our expert team make sure if we are delivering our promises and provide you our best long term services.


We develop a strategic relationship with our clients to provide workforce consultation. You can get the most suitable workforce according to your business needs. It makes the staffing process more effective and helps you more in the growth of your business.


We also offer the staff for the specific projects of the businesses. Our expert fix meetings with you and understand what exactly your project and what the requirements of your project are. On that basis, we provide you the staff, who is well-versed in that area of work.

Why Choose Our Nearshore Staffing Services

Help Team

Our help team provides you assistance anytime about our staffing services. Besides, we are available to assist you in case of any query regarding ongoing nearshore staffing services in your organization.

Flexible Staffing Solutions

You can get business freedom with our flexible staffing solutions. You can avail the contract-based staff with perfect industry skills from us, who can lead to cost-saving and enhanced productivity for your firm.

Scalable Staffing Solutions

We provide you scalable staffing solutions. For the recruitment of a small team as well as the entire department, we have pre-validated candidates in our access, who are available at short notice and are able to meet your requirement.

Client Experience

Canbay Inc provides you the perfect client experience in day to day services. We make sure that your projects are being accomplished perfectly and our staff is working as per the instructions of your company’s management.

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