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Data Security

Protect Your Data Against Threats

Protecting your vital data from external and internal threat increases the chances of profitability and boost brand reputation

We work with you to help determine external and internal vulnerabilities in your network. The team of qualified experts plans a comprehensive security policy that keeps your network secure from threats like ransomware and accidental loss of data.

Data Protection & Privacy

The services include policy enforcement, classification of sensitive data, controlled access and audit of your data. We keep track of your data in real time and protect it to from all threats at all stages in the lifecycle.

End Point Security

We help organizations minimize risk through secure design, implementation and management of compliant, policy aligned automated services. We help our clients gain visibility and control of the entire network.

Network Security

Our broad range of network security services provides protection to the network as well as the connected systems from any attack. Teams of experts are capable to detect malicious traffic and keep suspected users and devices away.

Cloud & Cyber Security

Our cloud services help enterprises in addressing compliance concerns that delay the migration of sensitive assets into private, public & hybrid clouds. Upon assessing your security policies, we provide a secure foundation for growth.

Our Customized Solution That Can Protect Your Enterprise Data

Hire Our Dedicated Professional Team To Protect Your Data All Levels


Looking after the company’s data is a crucial task and we make sure to take this huge responsibility seriously. To serve our client in the best possible way, our teams are well versed in communication and industry’s latest and best practices.


We have got you covered from total server breakdown to data encryption and sync to quick PC fixes. And, if ever there’s a problem that we can’t solve, we know who to contact further to get it fixed in time.


At Canbay, we follow and enforce best security practices internally and externally. Your security is only good as the weakest link in the chain. Our team has a thorough knowledge of cyber security to help keep the networks safe.


Unlike our competitors, our satisfied client is proof of how we specialize in delivering peace of mind in less downtime. Faster problem resolution, money savings, data protection, streamlined communications are some of our qualities.

The Right Security Posture Keeps the Organization Safe & Help Accomplish Goals

At Canbay, we help organizations manage and protect the confidential data at every stage – from creation to data in rest or use to destruction and to data in motion. Our dedicated data security services have been designed to help businesses’ bridge the gap and attain the highest level of protection against the data breaches.

  1. Data Protection Strategy
  2. Streamlined Approach
  3. Risk Mitigation

Have A Glimpse of What we Offer

Why my business needs data security services?

As a business, do not compromise with the vulnerability of your network security. We will defend your business against any encountered cybersecurity threat.

How Can Canbay enhance my data security?

We at Canbay, offers holistic technology solution to secure the sensitive data. We incorporate risk-based strategy with leading data protection solutions.

Is Canbay available for assistance 24*7?

No matter the time, day, or location, counts on our IT support team to answer your questions 24/7. No long wait times.

Why Cloud & Cyber Security should be my top priority?

In brief, being a small target isn't a defense, and the cost of not protecting your data is far more than what cyber security will cost.

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