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Content Marketing Services

Build Sales Content and Strategy for Your Business

Content Marketing Services

Canbay, a leading content marketing agency helps you to write optimized content with super brief snippets to describe your business.

As your Content Marketing Agency, we help you drive online conversion through creative content copy and tools. We work with you to design a content marketing strategy with creative copy and graphics for your business.

With the following key objectives in mind, we ensure that you convert your visitors to a customer.


Like a professional content marketing agency, our goal is to keep your visitors always glued to you where we leave your client hungry and asking for more. Keeping the suspense factor alive we will present optimized content that appeals to them and enhances their interest in every way.


Unique and knowledge enhancing copy are what our content marketing agency present with the aim to keep your audience engaged. By churning out creative, responsive and out of the box content we instill trust in the minds of your readers where they vouch by your word.


Persuasive and promotional content prompts your visitor to take your services and demonstrates the true value that you provide your customers. This prompts them to make a decision towards your services. Be it e-mail copy, copy for brochures, product copy, targeted campaigns or simple message we do it all.

Content Marketing Services

Attract and Convert Visitors into Customers


Website content has a very long shelf life which defines the website as a brand. It is crafted very carefully keeping in mind the SEO aspects in view.


Sharing some noteworthy news like a product launch, company anniversary, a college reunion or anything that can add to the impression of the company can further add to the marketing exercise.


Writing about your product, its details, and its specifications is the best way you make an attractive copy to persuade your visitor to make a buying decision.


Personalized message especially for your customer urging them to take action for a new scheme or new launch. The better your email copy is, more is the number of responses.


Blogs are a trustworthy way to build a great resource base with your customer where you share your knowledge and establish your reputation and orient their buying decisions.


Serious content imparting facts and figures predominantly from the education point of view comprise of case studies, ebooks, and white papers. Authenticity and proof hold high here.

Content Marketing Agency with Proven Process

Build Right Content Strategy for Your Business

Every content type has a specific style which targets its audience. Our content marketing agency works around a strategy for its client which is aimed to enhance its position, reputation and boost sales of their company.

Dedicated Social Media Expert

A social media expert will be allocated to every project who will suggest content incorporation keeping in mind social media marketing aspects like the inclusion of blog posts and product reviews. The aim is to enhance your followers to your future target market.


Reports are shared with you regularly on the analytics so as to easily understand and scrutinize the effects of the entire content exercise and efforts of the content management team.

Technical SEO Suggestion

Every single content that is placed on the internet has to be optimized to be caught by search engines. We analyze your content and carry iterations wherever required and place new content keeping in mind SEO aspects.

Content Analysis Tools

Every piece that we write passes through stringent grammar and analysis tools, where we judge for their appropriateness and righteousness before going Live. This is important, keeping in mind yours as well as our credibility and reputation.

Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Optimized Content for More Leads

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