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Top Tips on Writing Great Content

Top Tips on Writing Great Content

Content marketing is one of the most effective and economical methods of reaching your potential clients. With good content you are able to create brand reliability, grab user attention and also keep them updated. A good writer is also a good storyteller. On the ever-competitive online platform, good content has become a very important component of your SEO plan. You can hire a digital marketing consultant to help you through the process or have it done in-house. Should you choose to write your own content, here are some simple tips that will help you-

Identify and Cater to Your Audience

What will grab the interest of your customers is the first question you should ask. Your content should be audience oriented and focused. It should answer to customer queries, their doubts about your industry, etc. For instance, if you have owned a food blog then recipes, restaurant reviews, celebrity cooks, etc. content would grab their attention. You can also coordinate with the customer service or sales team to evaluate your audience better.

Use Visual Impact to support content

Have you ever ordered something at a restaurant because it appeared palatable on the next table? Visual attraction always has a faster and long-lasting impact. Especially, when supported with the right content. It ties up your emotional intelligence with virtual reality or digital marketing. So it makes the audience believe that what you have to offer is for real!

Give Specific Data / Use Analytics Where Possible

Figures really work when it comes to grasping user attention. An 80% discount board will have shoppers queuing up within seconds. On the other hand, just a SALE board is like a hit and miss. Using numbers also gives your audience clarity, which improves the mutual trust relationship.

Get Your Facts Right

Wrong information puts a big question mark on your credibility. Often, leading to irrevocable damage. Make sure you double check your facts, do your research and only then quote. Ensure that you convey as much relevant information as you can.

Focus on Giving Information Instead of Just Selling/Converting

Your audience knows that content is designed to generate awareness about your products/services and increase traffic. Don’t always make your blog conversion-centric. Create a mix of blogs or content that provides information, is useful and also sells. Try nurturing your lead. Give them inputs on information they could potentially need or want to read, before pushing sales.

Use Creative Content

Everyone loves creative and interesting reads. Be it in the arena of fashion, food or content. Your content should have that creative edge, which keeps your reader engaged. Something that’s been around but makes the audience go “Why didn’t that hit me earlier”? Explore avenues that might not have been touched or worked upon in the past.

Make Your Audience The Hero

Your content should make your audience feel like the hero. They should feel as if you are addressing their queries, problems and mentoring them. It helps build a direct connection with them. Entail your SEO strategy in a way that helps the audience relate with the content.

Whether you are using a digital marketing consultant or having your team work on the content, keep in mind the above points and readers will love reading about your company, products & services.

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