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Best Social Media Platforms to Make Your Enterprise Global

Best Social Media Platforms to Make Your Enterprise Global

For more than a decade, social media platforms have become a prominent medium to share the thoughts. The power of social media cannot be overlooked. The biggest example in this regard is the revolution of Egypt. The revolution of Egypt was started in the year 2010 with some thoughts shared on Facebook. So, it is not a subject of surprise that a lot of entrepreneurs have expanded their enterprises through the social media platform. As a matter of fact, social media has opened up new opportunities for the business persons. Now, it is possible to start a global business while sitting at home. You only need to make the proper social media strategy to allure the people towards your business.

There are different social media platforms and different strategies that can be used as per the technical requirements of each platform. You can know about some of the popular social media platforms in the information below.

Popular Social Media Platforms


Facebook has been unquestionably the most popular social media platform. It has 2 million active users. In the past few years, some users have shifted to other social media platforms, but still, Facebook has a huge number of users who can turn into potential customers.

More than half of its users are of age 18 to 35 and this is the group, which is most active in the online purchases. Facebook facilitates to add content for the people with all types of interests. You can add pictures, texts, notes, videos, links, and some other things.

Besides, Facebook also has the option for vanity URL. You can shorten the URL and can share with others easily. Some individuals have even started their enterprises with Facebook.

Facebook can be accessed via profiles, pages, and groups. You can make the group or page of your business unit and you or some of your executive can make a personal profile and can use his/her personal profile in order to get connected with people.

Facebook also allows you to advertise your page or your post for which it charges some bucks. With the help of this option, your page or post is displayed in the newsfeed of a number of users. These days, Hashtags (#) to list your post via some word can also be used on Facebook.


Twitter is another social media platform popular among masses. When an individual, a business unit or any type of unit creates an account on Twitter, he/she/it is assigned a nickname known as the twitter handle. Unlike, many other social media platforms, Twitter has the feature to change the handle. One can get connected by using “@” with the twitter handle.

Twitter has always been popular for hashtags (#) and you can also see the list of popular hashtags on the website. You can post the updates or information about your business, products or services, or can share useful information. The information or the useful social media updates help you in getting the followers.

A limited amount of text and some graphics can be shared over Twitter.


Instagram allows the users to share pictures and small videos. Text can be shared in the descriptions of pictures or videos. Hashtag (#) is a very successful option in Instagram also.

Instagram is the platform, which has basically been designed for mobile phones; however, it can also be used on web browser over desktops.

One of the most popular platforms for restaurant marketing, plumber marketing and many more small businesses to grow their business and build strong online brand visibility.

Instagram SEO helps to build online brand visibility for your business.


LinkedIn is a professional network, and it helps the individuals as well as business units to get connected with each other. It also allows the companies to offer vacancies to the employees.

Besides, it also has a lot of scopes to promote businesses. A major advantage of LinkedIn is that most of the people join it to make a professional network so your posts do not mix up with non-professional posts.

On LinkedIn also, you can do the promotion via various channels such as images, texts, blog posts, and videos etc.


Google+ is similar to Facebook in some aspects and it is the product of Google. If you have a Google ID, you instantly get a Google+ profile. All you need to do is to activate it by adding your details.

It is also an excellent source of business promotion. This is also helpful for SEO purpose as you are dealing with the social media platform of the search engine.


YouTube is the most popular video hosting website and it has become one of the most liked social media platforms. A large number of Facebook users have been shifted to YouTube.

Saying something through video on social media platforms is much impressive as compared to other mediums.

A large number of people like to watch videos instead of reading the lengthily written content. In addition, users are engaged with business units, which upload the videos in the comment section.

Videos can be made in different ways. You can give a manual presentation and can upload a video on YouTube. You can also use presentations, slideshows, documentaries or any other way to provide information by the means of videos.


This is a question and answer platform that allows the people to ask their questions or to answer the questions of others. On Quora, you can set yourself as an expert on a subject.

The business executives can also attract the people by answering the queries of others. The consistent credible answers give traffic to your website.


The popularity of Snapchat is being increased day by day. It is an image processing application, which can be used to share promo codes, to give a demonstration of your products and for brand awareness.


Pinterest is like Instagram as it is also an interesting visual sharing platform. Clickable images can be pinned to lead back to your website. Pinterest comprises of 100 million users, so it is very useful for sales & marketing purpose.

These are some of the best social media platforms for businesses, which you can use for your brand promotion. These platforms work for the businesses when a proper social media strategy is used. You can discover the strategies as per your business requirements.

Some simple tips for social media strategies are attractive written content, graphics and brand marketing. There are various social media tools available to manage multiple social media accounts.

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Do Read Social Media Platforms Infographics for More Information.

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