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SEO Campaign Strategy for Long Term Results

SEO Campaign Strategy for Long Term Results

A well-crafted SEO campaign strategy is no longer a challenge today. The internet is an open book where you can discuss, share and enhance your knowledge base regarding almost anything.

It could be any industry; the internet has something for everyone. There is so much information available; there are blogs, articles and amazing case studies that can be a perfect guide for you.

Alternatively, you could use the services of any Search Engine optimization expert who can truly make implementing your SEO campaign an easy and successful task.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO which it is simply referred to as is a process which has eased the way people can find you in this ocean of the internet.

Getting you there in the top slots of the result pages is something which needs to be aimed for. An SEO campaign is something which needs to be implemented here.

As per Smart Insight’s data, top 3 organic results in the SERP have a click-through-rate of approximately 58.5%

You must be wondering what is this SEO campaign all about? The SEO campaign as we say is not a single exercise, it’s an amalgamation of a collection of activities that work together to get you the rankings for your website.

Let’s discuss how can we start an SEO and what is a successful SEO campaign strategy all about.

None of the activities can independently exist to enhance your SEO positioning. Together they work in tandem to produce an overall positive impact. It all starts with planning, followed by implementation, regular upkeep with iterations and supervision to ensure that everything is on track.

An important factor which should be very clear to everyone is that a particular strategy in the SEO campaign could work for some businesses and they could see positive results coming in very early. At the same time, for some businesses, a similar SEO campaign strategy might not give that many positive results.

First Things First – The first thoughts which come to one’s mind are how to start an SEO campaign?

To begin with the first steps, the foremost thing would be to do a complete analysis of your website. This would be good as you will be able to access how good your website’s programming is and how much it supports SEO so that it could be easily scanned by search engines. If you do not have a website in place yet, then it is advisable to get one designed on a very SEO friendly platform, which could be WordPress or the like. WordPress provides some great plugins which can help you create a great feature rich website that is SEO friendly.

Keyword Research and Strategizing

All SEO campaigns thrive on Keywords. These are like DNA or building blocks of any SEO campaign strategy. Keyword selection is a strenuous and a very important exercise when it comes to the formulation of an SEO campaign. There are different levels at which the keyword exercise can be carried out.

To make things clearer you can first begin by carrying out research on the keywords which are very profitable especially to your niche market. Here you have to work on the psyche of the consumer as to what kind of keywords a person could type for his search. Off late Keywords have become a string of keywords or phrases which we presume your target customer will type to search for the product or services. These are called Long Tail Keywords.

As you think of the keywords, you have to think from the point of your customer and not you as the seller. Think what best phrases he can use to find a product. This is the kind of thought line that you need to use, simply narrow it down.

Just to give you an example your customer could be looking for school shoes for their daughter. The keywords that you could aim to target can be

  • school shoes
  • further narrowing it down school shoes for kids
  • further funneling it to the age of the girl, school shoes for girls
  • school shoes for 6 year old girl

You can further go down to the brand and then the location of the place like

  • School shoes  for 6 year old Texas
  • School shoes  for 6 year old A & M University Texas

This is the way you simply go closer to what your customer might be searching and also go for the keywords that he should be targeting. In fact, here we can also somewhere target the local SEO marketing strategy as well where we make you known in the local market and people are easily able to find you.

There are many tools that can assist you in the task of keyword research so that you are sure that your keyword research is going on the right track or not. These keyword tools show results on the basis of Keywords used and customer experience with these keywords and the latest search trends. Let’s talk about a few tools which can formulate your SEO campaign strategy and satisfy your business needs as well as fulfill your SEO campaign objectives.

  • Google Ads 

    A PPC campaign Google AdWords is also a very keen tool and trend that should be followed while doing the Keyword research. Here for every click, you are charged, thus every Keyword is tracked and is collated by these tools for an organic search too and acts as a ready reckoner.

  • Keywords everywhere

    With this tool, you can see what are the keywords and phrases people are searching for on the internet. This is like tapping the search that people are doing and what keyword is being searched. They will even tell how often they are being searched on the internet and what kind of cost per click is expected of the Keyword.

  • SEMRush

    This is a great tool, which runs through a program which finds profitable Keywords pertaining to your industry. Using this tool it becomes very easy and results-oriented to optimize your website and see the traffic coming.

Aided with these tools you can come out with a list of Keywords which you would wish to target. There is another aspect you can look into here; you can go about doing an organic search for these keywords and check which websites rank high for these keywords. Check on the domain authority for these websites and the Keywords that they are ranking for.

By Domain authority we mean the search engine ranking score which is given by MOZ based on a prediction that how well the website is expected to rank amidst search engines.

The calculation of this is done through evaluation of a couple of factors like the total links on a website, its Domain authority, the root domains of the linking sites and a few other things.

Well to simply put it, the websites here are your competitors and should be a part of your SEO campaign checklist where you need to outsmart them that should be the challenge.

On Page Optimization

Now when your keyword research has been done, the major chunk of your research is complete. Now is the time to actually implement your research or put the things down on the site and see how the entire exercise begins to take shape.

Activities to Follow

You need to seamlessly place the keywords on your website so that they are perfectly targeted. As you do this you will realize that sometimes you don’t have pages where the keywords and content pages can be placed. In such situations, you might have to create new pages for this where the content can genuinely show and help you with your optimization process. Though point to be taken care off is that it should not seem to be a keyword stuffing exercise. Whatever content you put, it should be short and crisp.

1. Optimize your Title

Your Title tag should have your Keyword so that your traffic or in other words your customer can perfectly find you. It might just give a glimpse to your customer that what the page is all about but for the bots its perfect food to scan your website.

2. Optimize your Meta Description

Meta description of a website is very critical. It’s like a texted short brochure of your web page which actually informs the crawlers of what the page is all about and also the content of the page. It links the keywords or a particular set of keywords used here to the title tags and shows you in the search engine result pages.

3. Optimize your Content

Google and other search engines rank your website on the basis of the content that the website carries. Content should be original and be providing value to the visitors coming to your website. The basic things that content should be providing would be information and be sufficing all the SEO parameters where keywords need to be very effortlessly placed throughout the content. Keyword density needs to be maintained and the language should also be such that it can be easily comprehended by the people.

4. Keep the frequency High

Search engine bots are working round the clock and whatever content you put this will be picked by crawlers. Especially coming to fresh content they take good record of it. This is in a way a very good exercise to keep yourself updated and fresh amidst search engines.

5. Optimize the Images

Images display a completely new look to your page. But one thing to be kept in mind is that Google bots do not read or scan images. However, there is a solution for this where an alt tag is placed with every image so that it can be easily crawled by the bots and credit is given to the website which it truly deserves.

Off Page Optimization

There are a couple of things which are carried out not on the website but they work in a very potent manner to get you the ranking and the visibility that a website expects.

Added to this today there are loads of ways through which you can get the attention and get people to discuss with you through the social media marketing channel where you can engage people in conversation which can lead to building your potential buyer base.

All in all, these are the outside forces which give you that final push and consistently work to enhance your positioning.

Further, adding high quality and pertinent links to the website is a must and adding to the inbound link base of the website is a must.

There are some very creative and logical ways of doing so.  Google has, of course, put a lot of checks on the article syndication exercise but you cannot deny relevant content anywhere does not go unnoticed and should be a part of every SEO campaign checklist.

1. Guest Blogging

This is a great symbiotic exercise where you write and present great content in exchange for a link back to your website. This is a tedious and long exercise but there will be no doubt of the quality of the links from a good website that we get here.

2. Content Marketing

This is the safest and widely accepted way of link building. You can write great content and then publicize this content which could be anything like a service or a product.

3. Blog Commenting

Blog comments are one of the most popular ways being implemented off late to get noticed. Leaving meaningful comments on posts or articles goes a long way in creating an impression and also a conversation or a feedback will definitely get you the link.

4. Video Marketing Exercise

Gaining a backlink through a video link Video marketing is not a new way. But you cannot deny this too is one of the safest ways to get backlinks, after all, videos do leave a lasting impression.

5. Go Social

Whatever you write be it a blog or article, do share the links with your social media accounts. You might just start a conversation there. This will not just give you a link but also give you the social media marketing edge too.

Creating the Google My Business Page

This is an amazing way to make yourself known to the outside world. Here you simply tell about your services on Google so that people who are generally on Google can easily find you.

As a very pertinent SEO strategy, you should optimize your business for the local people so that they can easily find you which is actually the premise of local SEO marketing so that people are locally able to find you.

We all are well aware SEO is all about getting you the visibility and enhancing your traffic whereby getting you sales all across the internet be it locally or globally.

Here you simply need to place the information about your business online which would be your business name, Your address, your hours of operation and everything related to your business online.

Also, one very important thing is that this information should be the same across all the channels online so that no confusion comes into the minds of the people who are searching for you.

Keyword Research for Local Listing

Your keyword research has to be very specific for catching the local market keeping in mind the local SEO marketing strategy.

Keeping in line with the approach, as mentioned earlier, the keyword School shoes for 6 year old A & M University Texas is a perfect example of a local SEO strategy keyword, where we have the product, specification of the product, the address, and location where we need the product and everything else too absolutely in place.

So all you need to do is optimize your Google My Business Page In line with the Local SEO approach so that you rank high in Local Searches.

Once again, would like to reiterate no exercise is a 100% foolproof strategy. The only thing that holds true is to keep working on White Hat SEO at every step and results are bound to come.

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