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Guide to recover from any Google Penalty

Guide to recover from any Google Penalty

In order to achieve high ranking in Google, all websites use link-building processes – sometimes, to the verge of extreme. And this is how they usually violate Google guidelines and are penalized. In order to recover rankings, you must learn ways of un-doing Google penalty.

The first step here would be finding out the cause of the penalty. For instance, it could be due to Google spam team’s manual action or algorithmic penalty. So how can you find this out?

Keep A Tab With Google Webmaster Tools

This is an ideal tool to find out the cause of your penalty. If you go to Google Webmaster tools, you can check for messages listed as “unnatural links”. Next, check the Google Algorithmic change history. Make sure to select that particular dull -traffic period. Then look for the reasons or causes. It could be too much of spam content, backlinks or over-promotion.

Search Traffic Or Links To Site For Google Penalty Removal

All the backlinks to the site can be found out by checking “Search Traffic”. Then select “Links to your site” in the Google Webmaster Tools. Identify backlinks to the following sites and remove or disavow them-

  • Banned or penalized by Google
  • Has duplicate, low quality or irrelevant content
  • Isn’t connected to the topic/ theme of your site
  • Contains adult material
  • Is a gambling website
  • Generates content automatically
  • Wrong redirects, link schemes and sites using other unethical methods
  • Has links violating the guidelines

In the future, always link to more genuine and authentic sites.

Avoid Wrongful Promotion

Beware of comments and blogs in forums that just emphasize on posting links and spamming. Don’t hide texts or links from users through CSS. Be careful while promoting your services in blogs and forums to maintain safe rankings.

Use Google Penalty Removal Tools

There are various tools available that help in identifying the problem and avoid them in the future-


Fetch is a Google Webmaster tool. It allows you to see how a URL is rendered on your site. You get an option to submit the same to the index by selecting the device like a desktop or mobile. Post this; it gives details of how much time it takes to download the page along with other relevant details. So you can check if there are any errors and page download speed issues.

Screaming Frog Web Crawler

Screaming frog web crawler, as the name suggests, crawls the whole site to detect the issue. Sometimes manual checking might leave some loose ends. But this tool checks thoroughly.

Other Tools

Majestic SEO and Ahrefs tools are ideal to analyze link profiles of your site. It gives detailed reports for correcting bad backlinks. If you are worried about duplicate content, then Monitor Backlinks or Copyscape is suggested. Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History, etc. help in detecting the cause of penalty and generate detailed report too. But Google Webmaster Tools is more user-friendly, accurate and extensive.

Finally, make sure that all of the above steps have been implemented before your website is submitted for reconsideration. If rejected again, Google Penalty could wreck your site.

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