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Consult with a Real Estate SEO Expert

Consult with a Real Estate SEO Expert

As the trend of online search is growing in the real estate industry, you need to consider hiring a real estate SEO expert for your business. Buying and selling of houses, workplaces, and lands are one of the oldest industries. Of course, this industry may still need a lot of offline meetings and conversation. Signing the contracts also demands offline procedure. But, still, the omnipresence of the internet has increased a lot of prospects for the real estate business.

Today, every tech-savvy person first searches the prices, availability, types and a lot of other aspects on the internet before proceeding for buying the property. Besides, the online system also provides a way to get information about the properties in other cities, states or even countries and to come in touch with the real estate dealers in those areas. Similarly, for the real estate professionals also, it renders an ideal method to reach among the masses from different parts of the country or globe, who need properties in their areas.

To reach among the masses via the internet, you should have a strong online presence. Here, the real estate SEO expert comes into the picture. With the help of real estate marketing, you can increase the visibility of the website of your Real Estate Company or office on Google as well as other search engines. So, when someone searches the keywords on which work is done, the prospective buyer or seller gets your link among top search results.

Now, the question arises what to do for the real estate SEO. Below you will find some tips that a real estate SEO expert will use to put your agency & the listings on top of search engine results.

How will a Real Estate SEO Expert help

  1. Help you define the keywords to rank for

It is quite obvious that real estate is always city specific. There are the real estate agents who deal in their own cities, whereas there are many others who provide their services in plenty of locations.

It is needless to mention that if you deal in a single city, and that is the city of your own, then you have to target the keywords based on your own city. On the other hand, if you deal in different locations, you need to start with the city you are based in because a number of buyers try to approach the local dealer to the city where they need the property. Give next priority to the cities where you deal most after your city. And then you can work on the keywords the city where you give less focus as compared to others.

Besides, you also need to work on some aspects of local SEO such as interactive mapping. A real estate SEO expert will work with you to take care of geotargeting.

  1. Create Content that Results in Sales

Articles and blogs on properties are the major sources for educated buyers to know about the properties, which are available in the market. This provides you with a way to reach those buyers. Write the blog posts on your website’s blog space as well as some external blog spaces to tell people about the real estates that you are willing to sell. These real estates can be of any kinds, such as homes, workplaces, and lands. It will accomplish your task of content marketing for your agency. It is to be noted that SEO and content marketing are the procedures that go hand-in-hand. A real estate SEO expert will guide you about what and where of publishing content.

  1. Perform SEO Audit – Know Where You Stand

On-site optimization is undoubtedly a major procedure that you need to follow in SEO process. But, before starting this procedure, do proper SEO audits that will help you understand the SEO requirements of your website. A real estate SEO expert will guide you with the steps that you need to take to reach your objectives. You can accomplish many of the tasks on your own or leave it to experts to expedite them. Some of the aspects that are covered under the audit include:

  • Page Structure: Page structure includes Titles, Meta descriptions, H1-H6 tags, ALT tags, and URLs.
  • Site Structure: XML sitemap, robots.txt, and redirects are the parts of the site structure.
  • Links: It includes outbound & inbound, interlinking, and broken links.
  • Content: In the content part, you need to check keyword and link placement, visual elements, structure, duplicates, proper redirects, and canonical tags.
  • Usability: Mobile-friendliness and site speed are the aspects that are required to be checked under usability.
  1. On-Site Optimization – Strengthen Your Website

Next step is, of course, on-site optimization. After pinpointing all the areas, you are required to invest an adequate amount of time to fix these problems. You have to keep in mind that your website is your online hub where your prospects need all types of information about your services as well as the properties you deal in. The audiences who have seen your off-site content will come to your website for more info. So, the information and the way it has been provided should be perfect enough to bind your visitors and convince them to turn to your clients.

The essentials you need to address for a perfectly optimized website are keyword research and analysis, SEO-friendly URLs, tags and meta descriptions, image optimization, proper placement of outbound and internal link, fixing the broken links, redirects, site speed optimization, content optimization, and CTR and bounce rate optimization. Besides, SSL certificates and W3C validation are also the aspects to be worked upon.

Moreover, the work is required to be done on some other technical aspects, such as Schema, Robots.txt and XML sitemap. For the technical SEO, you will need a real estate SEO expert, who can manage all aspects of setting up the site in a proper manner.

  1. Mobile Friendly Website – Don’t Lose Your Customers

A large number of people search for the stuff on mobile, which is why now Google has added it into the factors of consideration for the website ranking.  The websites with mobile version are given the priority now for the site speed; however, other factors also matter. If your website is not mobile friendly, your competitor may get an edge over you in this area.

Moreover, you may lose a considerable volume of the buyer, because according to some statistics:

  • 89% of new home shoppers use mobile devices for searching during their purchasing process.
  • 36% of new home buyers work on mobile and TV simultaneously.
  1. Get Listed in Real Estate Directories

The real estate directories provide you with a lot of traffic on your website. Moreover, the backlinks that you add there are helpful for real estate SEO.

Some of the popular real estate directories include Trulia, Zillow, RedFin, and Zillow alone comprises around 495-500 million page views.

  1. Be Social and Connected with Your Audience

Social media is an excellent source of promotion today. On the other hand, it is also a good way to develop good client relations. The social media pages also give traffic to your website. Moreover, you also add your links time to time, which are helpful for building backlinks. Your real estate SEO expert should be able to manage the social media marketing part of your overall strategy.

The pictures, videos and other types of stuff on social media websites can allure the visitors towards your site. You can give the information about different aspects of property and your services on the social media website in an attractive manner. It enhances the traffic on your website and convinces the audiences to deal with you.

As already discussed, social media builds good relationships, so it becomes more useful for you for your business relations. It is a well-known fact that the client relationship is a major aspect of growth in the real estate business.

Besides, social media is also a way to tie the visitors with. Provide the links to your social media pages and profiles that can be helpful for your visitor to stay in touch with you.

The prominent social media websites today include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

Participation in Social Media (Percent of Respondents)

For real estate purposes, these were the eight platforms that showed the most participation.

Know What Buyers’ Search on Your Real Estate Website

There are some facts about real estate buyer which explains what they want in a real estate website. Your real estate SEO expert will keep these in mind while creating content for your website, blog or social media outreach.

Consult with a Real Estate SEO Expert

It may not be so easy for you to do real estate SEO by yourself. Needless to mention, this is the era of tie-ups and associations. Real Estate SEO experts at Canbay work with you to ensure your success. Contact us for a free initial consultation and site audit to find the gaps in your online strategy.

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