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Five Myths to Avoid for Real Estate Lead Generation

Five Myths to Avoid for Real Estate Lead Generation

Real estate lead generation is the top priority of every professional in the real estate business and digital marketing is the ideal way to accomplish this. The digital marketing process has enticed every industry because of the growth prospects associated with it. The digital marketing includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and PPC. A number of real estate firms use these marketing techniques or hire digital marketing companies for lead generation and for driving traffic to their websites.

Of course, lead generation through digital marketing is a great source to increase business. But, as in many other cases, some myths about lead generation need to be addressed to be truly successful. The wrong insight can give the adverse impacts indirectly on your business. There may be some online marketing companies, which may give you false promises, but if you are aware of the right things, you can keep yourself safe from them. Our company believes in doing true promises and we provide you with the correct information about our services. Our process is refined from all types of myths. Here are the five real estate generation myths about which you should be aware of.

MYTH 1: You Website Will Come on the Top Position Very Easily and Quickly via SEO

Actually, it is not as easy as it is told. In the past, some companies would use some easy tricks to come at the top position. It was easy that time to manipulate Google algorithm to come at the top position. But it is not so easy today because Google has launched a number of algorithm updates from time to time. These updates have been launched in order to rank the deserving websites at top positions. So, after every update, ranking drop of a number of websites has been witnessed.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the days have gone now when the companies used to get the top ranking just on the basis of some tricks. Of course, when a business unit gives SEO project to some company, it is expected to get the top position. But, genuineness should be the top priority. In such a case, the question that may come in the mind of a number of people is what to do. Should one lose the hope of coming on the top ranking? Of course, one should not. Here is the suggestion that should be used for the real estate lead generation.


You need to maintain the genuineness of the website. Today Google works for the users and wants the websites in accordance with the requirements of the users.  Therefore, you need to work according to the requirements of the users. The major aspect is to build great content. In its tweet after its 2018 update, Google suggested to penalized websites to build a great content for the future ranking. This example is unquestionably perfect to understand the importance of content on the website. Apart from the written content, the website should also have graphic content. The content should be with appropriate keywords.

But still, you need to make a comprehensive online marketing strategy instead of expecting the results quickly. You need to stick on that and you will definitely get the good results in the future. Apart from adding keyword phrases, you are required to promote your website via social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, Press Releases and of course the word of mouth.

MYTH 2: Coming at Top Results on Google or Other Search Engines Is Impossible

In the previous point, we have mentioned that it is not so easy to come on top results. But, it doesn’t mean that it impossible. As a matter of the fact, if the proper techniques are used, your websites will definitely come at the top positions on certain keyword phrases and will be helpful for you for real estate lead generation. You only have to take time to give the users what they want and use the long-term strategies.


The very first thing you need to do is to understand your target audience. This will help you understand how to cater to the needs of your audiences.

One of the ways to understand the audiences is the detailed clients’ personas. The personas will allow you to understand what exactly the clients or customers in the real estate market want. Identify a number of target clients, which will help you make a blueprint about catering to their needs.

You need to understand a number of aspects about their clients. First, what their geographical locations are. Geographical locations are one of the biggest factors that impact on their needs. On the other hand, what their interests are is also required to understand. All this will give you an idea to know what you have to present in front of your visitors.

Adding appropriate content, building backlinks at right places, and there are many other sources that help your website in top ranking, which further results in real estate lead generation.

MYTH 3: You Require a Number of Your Success Stories

Although, we cannot overlook the significance of success stories of the entrepreneurs, but it is not as important and there are the success stories of customers. Customers are more willing to see what they get from you, more than that how much you are growing. For any business, it is important to highlight the success stories bit because it generates trust among the customers. If customers don’t see you as a successful entrepreneur even after years, they may see it as a failure in providing better services to customers. But, still, the customers’ stories matter a lot for them.

Besides, you have no need to be disappointed if you have no success stories because you are a newbie in this business. You still have the strong reason to attract the customers, which you will read in the suggestion part.


If you are an experienced entrepreneur then you need to add the stories of your customers who are happy with your services. These stories will increase the trust in your services. Apart from this, you should also add what you are providing to the customers plus you should try your best answer the queries of the customers. If your web pages answer the customers’ queries about real estate and real estate marketing, then it may be definitely very helpful for you for the real estate lead generation.

You have no need to worry if you have just started your real estate business, which is why you don’t have the customer records. The major concern of a number of visitors remains what you offer to them and how much you capture their nerve by answering their queries and suggesting them the right things about their queries in your content part. So, you should make your web pages accordingly. Moreover, it will also be a perfect option if you give good suggestions to the customers on your blog page.

MYTH 4: Customer Education Is Not Required for Lead Generation

You don’t need to educate the customers for the real estate lead generation – this is also one of the biggest myths without any second thought. You need to provide a lot of information about various aspects to the customers.


First, you are required to educate customers about prices, availability, criteria to choose and a lot more thing about various things in the real estate industry. Secondly, you need to tell them the details about your services.

Educating the customers is necessary for a number of things in regard to real estate lead generation. First of all, when you tell something to customers, the interested customers are connected to you when they keep on reading the information provided by you. Besides, when their information is enhanced, the chances of their coming to you for some dealing are enhanced. Apart from all, the informative and educating content gives your website a lot of material to come in the top search results on Google and other search engines.

MYTH 5: Visitors Take Interest in Who You Are

This is wrong as well as right at the same time. The customers care about this, but not at the time when they land on your website via Google search. They are generally willing to see what they have searched for. If they get the relevant information, then their next step is to check your profile, and here comes the relevance of who you are. But, it is wrong to be fully dependent upon your profile as your website will disappoint visitors if you don’t provide the information they are looking for.


Avoid making your website primarily about you, and focus on the information. Focus on yourself in the “About Us” page and the page based on your real estate company’s info.

Some Other Suggestions

Apart from the suggestions mentioned above to avoid false rules, you need to follow some more things for the real estate lead generation. Proper social media campaigns with written text, images, videos, presentations etc. are very useful sources in this respect. Besides, external blog and article content is also a great source of information and it proves to be a gateway to your website. You also need to work on other things on the website such as the title, Meta description and more. Besides, you are required to add quality backlinks on different websites for the popularity of your site. Keyword research is, of course, the most essential thing as the keyword phrases are the entities, which come at the ranking on search engines in the SEO process.

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We provide digital marketing services for real estate lead generation keeping everything we mentioned above in mind. Besides, we are fully aware of the other myths prevalent in the market as well as the required techniques. You can contact us for the growth of your real estate business on the World Wide Web.

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