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6 Pest Control Marketing Ideas for Growth of Your Business

6 Pest Control Marketing Ideas for Growth of Your Business


According to Allied Market Research, the global pest control market was valued $16,883 million in 2017, and it is expected to reach $24,397 million by 2024.

Pest control marketing addresses a very competitive market today. There are a lot of companies are in the market, and the competition to get clients is intense. This has led to increased pressure on Pest Control Companies to increase their marketing spends.  Like all other industries, digital marketing is in the spotlight today for the pest control marketing.

Property managers, homeowners, and landlords look for the most trusted and efficient pest control firms for eliminating rodents and insects. So, you need to set your business apart from the competition. This is where digital marketing comes in the limelight.

High ranking on Google also remains one of the criteria to consider a company as trustworthy. Besides, what information you provide to people via social media content, blog posts etc. is also a source of establishing your authority in the market. All these are the areas that are covered under the digital marketing process. Here are some of the tips you can follow for the pest control marketing.

Top 6 Pest Control Marketing Ideas to Implement this year

  1. Monitor Local searches
  2. Solve problems on Social Media
  3. Enhance customer engagement to generate leads
  4. Invest in organic SEO
  5. Consider Video Marketing
  6. Have a Mobile App developed for your business

Let’s delve into each of the above

1. Try to Monitor Your Presence in the Local Searches

In the digital marketing process, you can easily analyze where the customers are searching and how to influence their decision. Usually, people like to call the firms in their area for pest control, so the local searches are important.

For the leads and growth in the local market, you need to add your company in the search engine directories such as Google My Business and Bing Places. But, remember adding in this directory should be considered as an initial step. Customers look for the ratings of the companies.

2. Solve Customers’ Problems on Social Media Platforms

There is no doubt that social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are supposed to be the keys to unlock sales. But, you cannot impress the customers by talking about sales all the time. You can get the trust of the customers by solving their problems related to pests in homes or offices.

There may be some crucial problems in the homes and offices related to the pests. You can suggest the precautions; what to do for small problems; what the primary steps that customers can take in case of emergency before they call the pest control services; and there and there can be a lot of other aspects that can be considered to solve the problems.

Solve all these problems in an interesting way. Individuals don’t just like to read the written text always. Use video presentations, infographics, and other methods.

The problem-solving strategy is perfect for acquiring the trust of the customers. You can create a bonding with the potential customers in this way.


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3. Create Leads with Customers’ Engagements

Social media platforms like Facebook provide the ways to engage audiences in different ways. You should keep in mind that your conversation with the customers should always go on. You can talk to customers about their challenges, their problems, conduct surveys and quizzes, and a lot more. To keep the customers engaged, you can also go off-topic in certain situations. Engaging the customers can be an ideal way to keep the customers engaged all the time.

4. Invest in SEO Process

Due to growth in the SEO industry, it seems to be a very basic point. But, it is the major tool to get the leads on any website. The first thing you need to consider is whether you want to target the local audiences or you are also trying to attract the customers from other cities or states also. For the pest control marketing, it is also recommended to focus on the local market. You need to go through different procedures for pest control SEO.

Pest Control Keywords: The long-tail keywords for your pest control services are perfect to be worked upon for ranking. Tools like Google Keyword Planner,, Keyworddit etc. are some of the tools that can help you to get the long-tail keywords. A few simple keywords with the combination of services and city can also be used such as “Pest Control Services New Jersey”.

On-Site Content with Information about Services: The on-site content of your pest control website should be properly optimized with appropriate titles and keywords etc. The content should be informative enough to provide an overview of your services.

Problem Solving Blog Posts: Like social media stuff, blog posts are also great sources to solve the problems of the customers as well as to provide the relevant information. On the blog posts, sometimes you can do it more comprehensively. You need to maintain the blog spaces on the website as well as the external websites.

Backlinks: Links of your website should be included in blogs, social media websites and many other reputed websites. These links attract the audiences of the websites where links have been posted as well as increase the website ranking.

Schema Markup: Schema markup is a code, which is put on the website to help the search engines in returning more informative results to the users. The content on your website is indexed, and it returned in the search results by Google or other search engines. When you put Schema Markup, the content is returned in a different way. Schema Markup is a way to tell what exactly the content means. So, it is helpful for attracting the relevant audiences for your pest control firm.

Meta Title and Description: Meta title and description are used to summarize the content of your website. Search engines expect the title tags with relevant keywords and phrases to describe what page is about. There should be a short description of around 160 words in Meta descriptions. The summary should be concise and compelling of what page is about. But, there should not be an unrelated title or summary; otherwise, the website may be penalized.

Website Speed: Loading time of your pages of the website is a major factor for SEO ranking now. Most of the visitors leave the website if its pages take more than 3 seconds to load. It results in less traffic.

Mobile Friendliness: A large number of users use smartphones for searching, so the mobile friendliness is the major factor to work upon in the present scenario.

These are some of the SEO tricks you can use for pest control marketing.

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5. Use Video Marketing

Videos have transformed the marketing, and they directly impact on the minds of the audiences. You can add different types of videos for the pest control marketing.

Demo Videos: Demo videos display how the process of pest control works. It gives clear insights to the audiences and is the convincing factor for the customers to call the pest control at the time of need.

How-to Videos: You can help the audiences via how-to videos to solve their small problems themselves. Still, people can accomplish the process of pest control up to a limit. Such videos will prove to be convincing for them to avail your services.

Awareness Videos: The awareness videos are made to make the people aware of the consequences of pests and rodents in houses, and the pest control process. These videos are helpful for you to complete your social responsibility as well as to grow your business.

Live Videos: Live videos are one of the revolutionary techniques of the date. The major websites, which facilitate you to air the live videos, are YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The live video allows you to be live and to solve the queries of the audiences instantly. The trend can be witnessed when audiences ask their questions in the comments sections, and an expert in the live video answers them while reading their comments.

6.Mobile Application

The inclusion of mobile app is one of the way of marketing today, which can automate your field service inkling pest control. The mobile apps can make it more convenient for companies to manage the customers and their requirements. These applications allow the pest control management to maximize performance, productivity, and speed.

To Sum Up

Pest control marketing through digital means is getting a huge success like every other area. But, working for this needs special care. One wrong step can penalize your website by Google. So, it is highly recommended to you to hire a digital marketing firm, which could perform this for you. You can get in touch with us for the online pest control marketing. Our team of experts has complete knowledge about the process. Moreover, we keep us updated according to the search engine algorithm updates as well as industry updates. Our team works with you to define the online marketing strategy for your pest control firm and works according to your business objectives.

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