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Offshore ASP.NET Developers : A Strategic Approach towards Hiring

Offshore ASP.NET Developers : A Strategic Approach towards Hiring

Offshore ASP.Net Developers from Canbay offer a substantial benefit to companies looking to expand their Microsoft teams while keeping their costs low. A huge number of businesses have been enabled by Microsoft to generate both windows and web applications which are both powerful and complex. This has kept the demand for ASP.Net programmers very consistent. Dedicated ASP .NET developers are hired by businesses that build applications in-house as well as small & mid-size software companies looking to have flexible teams. Businesses should follow the following approach towards hiring and managing the developers

Recruiting the right offshore ASP.Net developers team

The key factors that the recruiting team should be looking at are the current skill levels and trainability. For junior resources, that are going to be managed by an onsite manager or offshore coordinator, the communication skills should not be the deciding factor. However, the communication skills for the offshore coordinator are a very important factor. If you are going to use third-party services or components; thus knowing only .NET might not suffice. The candidate you should ideally prefer must possess the fundamental knowledge of technologies such as PHP, Java or JavaScript. This way, the offshore ASP.Net developers can be more flexible in handling the task and also be able to successfully integrate the required components and augment your product.

When it comes to the customized .NET tools, the candidate that you select should ideally have hands-on experience dealing with these tools and also be able to integrate those efficiently into the application. Additionally, a .NET developer should know how to use specific tools for the purpose of testing the application and also be able to check its security at least at a basic level.

It might not be compulsory for a candidate to have past experience in the same industry, but, having it could add considerable value, undoubtedly. Certain industries require a strong grasp of knowledge on their unique facets. In case, your industry is akin to this, it is better to hire offshore ASP.Net developers/programmers who have earlier worked on similar projects or can at least handle the work that your industry demands.

In any case, always speak with the team that you are going to work with. Interview all candidates for their technical skills and compatibility.

Managing offshore ASP.Net Developers

Simply hiring resources is no guarantee of success because a higher level of maturity and expertise is required from the onsite team that is going to manage the offshore resources.

In order to ensure that both teams integrate, it is sometimes a good idea to bring in the offshore resources for an onsite visit.

If that is not a feasible solution, the stakeholder should assign a manager to ensure that the initial communication is clear.

Most of the times, a daily or a weekly at a minimum, having video conferences with the offshore team helps. The offshore lead should be guided in a manner that he or she is able to inculcate the culture of an onsite team into the offshore team.

Canbay, a US-based provider of onsite and offshore Microsoft Resources is the partner that you are looking for to augment your team. Hire offshore ASP.Net Developers with us, we ensure that your projects are on time and within budgets.

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