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How Law Firm SEO Is Different From SEO For Other Businesses

How Law Firm SEO Is Different From SEO For Other Businesses

The significance of the SEO process is undisputed when business or service you are providing has an online presence. This significance is increased a lot when a huge customer or client base of the services offered by you come via Google search. Legal services also fall into this category, as 96% of legal advice seekers search on Google. As known by everyone in the market, SEO works for the visibility of your website. Your website comes on the first page, and to take it to the top 3 search results remains the target of an SEO company. So, the online requirement of law firms and advantages of SEO process have added an extra significance to the law firm SEO.

SEO for every business has some similar things. But, there are some requirements, which are specific to a business or a service. This is why despite the similarities some different ideas are applied in case of distinct types of businesses and services. So, the law firm SEO is also different from other business SEO in some areas despite the fact that it has some similarities. Here are some of the specific things which are required to be done in case of law firm SEO.

Specific Things for Law Firm SEO

1. Understanding Legal Complexities

While writing content for attorneys, one must understand what is allowed by Law and what is not. For instance, you can mention that the Lawyer has experience in some types of cases but you can not claim and expertise. It is not difficult to understand even for a layman that law is altogether a different area than other fields. It is a type of service that is not searched by every household, rather it has some specific audiences. Moreover, the services are complex in cases where there are different legal areas from big to small where some people may need advice. One area of law may be completely different than the other. For example, a divorce case and criminal case are completely different from each other.

In addition, there may be many other types of cases that may be completely different from the above-mentioned ones. Some of the examples may include defamation cases, financial disputes, land or property disputes and a lot more. All these cases may further have their subcategories. For instance, the criminal cases may include the cases related to robbery, theft, murder and a lot more. However, law firm SEO is not a rocket science; but still, there are a number of complexities an SEO expert may have to face. So, the qualified SEO experts are required for handling the complexities. If the expert has the specific knowledge of the law, then it adds icing on the cake.

2. Keywords

The above analysis shows that there is a need to understand the specific requirements of different areas of law in case of law firm SEO. So, the selection of keywords is also needed to be done carefully. Of course, there may be some generic phrases for law firms at a particular place, such as “law firm New Jersey”, “legal advice New York” and so on. But, there is also a need for some specific keywords based on the areas of legal advice. There may be some law firms or lawyers, who deal in some specific types of cases or have the specialization in some area. For the promotion of the specialized services, it is also necessary to focus on the keywords related to those areas, like “divorce cases Washington” and more.

3. Social Media Marketing of Law Firms

Today, social media marketing has become a major part of the SEO process. In case of law firm SEO also, the social media marketing is done by the SEO firms. Now, the social media is the source to interact directly with the audiences, so there is a need for special care in the complex field such as law. A number of people may ask you for some legal advice on social media websites. Although proper legal advice cannot be given on social media, small suggestions may be given. It is good for the marketing of your law firm. It makes trust on people about your legal services, who may further go for a proper advice.

But, the major thing that is required here is the involvement of a person who has the knowledge about the legal matters. Moreover, a lot of stuff is posted on the pages of law Due to this reason some of the law firms like to keep their social media pages totally under their control. But, they may not have the knowledge about SEO and SMO tactics. So, it is necessary for SEO firm and law firm to work in proper coordination. Using SEO and social media marketing techniques should be the task of SEO firms.

On the other hand, law firms should depute their executives to answer the queries of the audiences and suggest about the posts. The SEO experts can create the post as suggested by law firm executives in an appealing manner. If SEO or SMO expert decides to create a post himself/herself related to law with the help of internet search, it should be first sent to law firm executives for approval.

4. Content Marketing of Law Firms

Content marketing has also become a major part of the SEO process in the present scenario. The first thing that is needed is writing of some quality content about the products or services you are offering. So, there is the need to write law-related content in case of law firm SEO. But the question here is how to write the authentic law content. Content is the source of information, and if wrong information is posted even unintentionally, it can’t be afforded. There are different ways to keep the content authentic. First, some law firms have their own writers who write the content, and the marketing by that content can be done by SEO experts. Second, SEO firms can keep the writers who have some knowledge about the law or are specialized in law-related subjects.

If the writer has the basic knowledge then he/she should confirm the facts mentioned in the content from the authentic sources before giving it is published. There can be some authentic websites wherefrom one can confirm this. On the other hand, the content can be sent to the law firms for approval before publishing it on the internet. Third, you can ask for the literature from the law firms. To avoid the mistakes, the content can be written on the basis of that literature. In that case, if the writer has some confusion about anything in literature, then either writing the content on that should be strictly avoided or confusion should be made clear first with the help of law firms.

5. Adding Backlinks while doing Law Firm SEO

Adding backlinks is a major process in Search Engine Optimization. Backlinking involves adding the links to the other websites. But, there should be quality backlinks. The quality backlinks are those which are added by the webmasters of their reputed. In the case of law firm SEO, the backlinks should be added where they get the clicks by the legal advice seekers.  They may be law-related websites (website containing the legal information or the websites of other law firms) or the reputed websites which add the links of varied services.

6. Local SEO for Law Firms

The local law firm SEO has a huge significance without any second thought. A number of people seek legal advice near their residence or office. For this, the local SEO has a wide scope.

To Sum Up, these were some of the specific aspects of SEO, which are required to be accomplished for law firm SEO. We can witness that some of the basics of same in the case of other business SEO and law firm SEO, but there is a need to manage them differently. The legal complexities are required to be understood before working on these aspects.

The law firms get a number of advantages with SEO process. Now, let’s have a look at some of the benefits acquired by law firms.

Benefits of Law Firm SEO

  • New Quality Leads

With the help of SEO, your website gets new quality leads. In the quality leads, the visitors who visit your website either turn to your clients or they are likely to contact your firm in the future. When you go for law firm SEO, the clients either come from the Google search via organic search, or they reach at your website through the links on other websites or on the social media sites. When SEO is done, your website comes at the top by searching the right keywords. These keywords are searched most by those legal advice-seekers who are actually seeking the services you provide.

In other cases, your website may come in wrong searches, so the visitors who are not interested in the services you are providing may reach your website of which you have no benefit at all. On the other hand, the clients who are searching the advice in which your firm has the specialization may reach somewhere else. Besides, the clients who reach via the links are those who had visited the websites or social media pages for the legal advice they want and they have now reached at your website when they have found your link suitable according to their requirements.

  • Increase Website Traffic

As your website comes at the top ranking for certain keywords, you get more traffic as compared to past when you start the law firm SEO. When people search the keywords focused on the law, your website gets more traffic. Increasing traffic may also be the reason for the top ranking of your website in the future.

  • More Local Clients

Local SEO is widely important when you have to attract local clients. In the case of law firms, a number of clients from nearby your place contact you when your website is being displayed in the local searches. Moreover, your website also gets the place in Google maps.

  • Improved Clients Engagements

As mentioned above, your websites are managed by keeping the requirements of clients in mind. Therefore, the clients’ engagement is increased. The clients stay more and more in touch with you with the help of social media websites. Apart from making new clients, the social media websites keep your old clients engaged. The SEO process increases the trust of old clients.

  • Lifted Brand Reputation

SEO process is helpful in raising the reputation of your law firm. With law firm SEO, your firm may become a brand name. With more and more client, your reputation is more and more increased. Besides, the consistent top ranking on the search engines is also a source of increasing reputation.

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