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Insurance Marketing Tips to Effectively Promote Health & Life Insurance

Insurance Marketing Tips to Effectively Promote Health & Life Insurance

Your first obstacle while doing the insurance marketing to attract the customers in-between the online propaganda. Today’s customers first like to do their own online research before purchasing an insurance policy. This trend is more in case of health & life insurance because people don’t prefer to take the risk of critical issues such as health and life. A plenty of individuals see the policies being sold with skepticism. It is a major challenge in today’s scenario to break this skepticism and to convince them to purchase the policies.

So, it is quite obvious that you need to make some strategies for insurance marketing today. You can use the following tips to solve the present day challenges regarding insurance marketing.

1. The Insurance Website Must Be Optimized Properly

The websites of the insurance companies or insurance agents are the first interaction the potential policyholders will have. So, the insurance website should be as per the customers’ demands. The first things are of course the speed and the mobile-friendliness of the websites. Most of the visitors leave the website if it is not opened in 3 seconds, and a large number of individuals use smartphones for checking the websites, which are the reasons behind these prerequisites.

Apart from the above-mentioned basic ideas about the optimization of the website, there are a few more things that you can do on your website for successful insurance marketing.

  • Call-to-Action:

You need to give some direction to the people, so add call-to-action.

  • Chat Feature:

If the insurance company answer the questions instantly, it is helpful for promotion. A number of insurance company’s websites today have the chat feature.

  • Speak Their Languages:

People with different age groups, genders etc. have different priorities. It will work if you talk in their language. In the section meat for specific users, you can decide how to tell something to them keeping their priorities in mind. You can do the same while answering the queries on the chat.

  • Use Location-Based Plugins If Possible:

You can use the plugins to alter the content based on the location and provide the users the localized content.

  • Add Contact Information at Right Place:

It is necessary to keep the contact information at the place especially in the case of insurance companies. It should be at the place where it could be easily found by the customers. The top right-hand corner is the place, which attracts the attention of most of the user. Also add a special “contact us” section, and there is in most of the websites.

2. Invest in SEO Process

To get the attention of the policyholders, you are first required to be visible on the internet. The fact is not hidden now that 93% of online experiences start with searching on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. So, you need to do be in the top search results in the organic search.

In the SEO process, work is done on the ranking factors, among which the prominent ones include:

• Your website should be mobile-friendly.
• Your website should be secured (HTTPS).
• Your pages are required to be optimized with the title tags and Meta descriptions.
• You are required to add the schema markup.
• Web pages should have the quality content to solve the queries of the potential policyholders.
• The speed of your website should be fast.
• The content length of your website should be on par with your competitors.
• Use the social signals on your websites.
• The website should have the quality backlinks on the other websites.
• The website should have the optimized images with alt text.
• Your website’s text and titles have the appropriate keywords that are searched by the users on the internet.

3. Create Effective Blogs for Insurance Marketing

The blog space is used to educate the consumers in every industry today, but insurance is one of the industries where it is especially required. As already mentioned, insurance is the area in which the potential policyholders do a lot of internet research. Many of them first want to solve their queries or to increase their awareness about insurance policies.

You always need to remember that your blog posts should be according to what the potential policyholders or the information seekers (information seekers can also become your potential customer in future) want. There are different ways to search this. As a simple way, you can search people’s queries on different internet forums such as Quora or social media platforms like Facebook. Another way is to use some SEO tools. For example, there is a tool named “Answer the Public”, in which you are required to add a keyword in the search box, and you find a lot of questions asked by the public about insurance. Similarly, you can use another tool named Keyworddit, in which you can find a number of keywords along with the links of the queries asked by the users on

Some of the blog ideas that you can use for insurance include:

• The Ins and Outs of Health/Life Insurance.
• Do I Need Life/Health Insurance?
• Things to Look for When Buying Health/Life Insurance.
• Largest Misconceptions about Life/Health Insurance.
• Your Insurance Cheat Sheet.

These are just a few examples of the blog posts. You can get the ideas about others by above-mentioned aspects. Besides, you can use your own ideas that you will get with experience to deal with customers. You can also read the blog post of others and can resolve the queries that you feel that those blogs have missed.

You are required to maintain a website blog as well as the blog spaces on some external websites.

4. Perform Video Marketing

According to some reports, the video will get 80% of global internet traffic and 85% of traffic from the US. It has been noticed that videos positively impact insurance marketing. Here are some of the ides about which type of videos you can make for the insurance marketing.

• Policyholders’ Testimonial Videos:

A mistake done by a number of video marketers for insurance companies is that they only focus on themselves. Potential policyholders don’t care if you focus on telling them about your company. Instead, focus on policyholders whom you have helped at the time of need. For example, the policyholders who got the cover at the time of disease or those who found the life insurance cover can be given spotlight, which can help you to allure the new customers.

• Tell People about Your Commitment:

Also, tell people about the commitment you do the society as other insurance companies do.

• Create Informative Videos on How-to and Other Information:

Tell people about the best insurance rates, the diseases covered in health insurance, the policies of life & health insurance and a lot more via videos. Also, provide how-to information about the registration process of insurance and many other aspects.

5. Use Social Media, Pay-per-Click and Email Marketing

Apart from on page and off page SEO, Email Marketing, PPC and SMM and very important components of Insurance Marketing. The social media websites are the major platforms today to promote the ideas among the masses. You can use social media pages and profiles to promote the idea by adding various types of stuff.

Some of the tips you can use for the social media campaigns include:

• Give tips to the customer on purchasing the low-cost insurance.
• Add infographics of the process.
• Add small videos of 30 seconds or 1-minute telling how-to-process. You can also add some detailed videos occasionally.
• Add the stories of customers.
• Tell customers about events.
• Create a web series.
• Conduct surveys.

Pay-per-Click advertisements are the paid ads that appear on the top in the search results. But remember, you need to pay some bucks for every click. Still, it is a perfect method to generate leads and quick traffic on your website.

Besides, you can stay on top in the minds of potential policyholders with email marketing newsletters. Send newsletters at regular intervals to those who have visited your website or blog space, and entered their email addresses. Add the option to subscribe to the newsletters. Provide the updates to those individuals about your policies and the industry. This can turn those individuals to your customers any time.

6. Generate Reviews

Other people’s experiences matter a lot when someone plans to purchase an insurance policy. Around 84% of internet users give value to online reviews. There are a few ways with the help of which you can get the reviews among which the prominent ones include:
• Email your policyholders and ask them for reviews.
• Add it to your ongoing process.

To Sum Up

These are some major insurance marketing ideas that are prevalent today. These ideas can definitely give a good profit to your insurance business. Digital marketing is the major marketing process of the date, which is why it has become necessary for you to work on them. There are several other ideas that you can explore. But, of course, it is difficult for you to use all or most of them by yourself. This is the era of tie-ups and teamwork, so you can contact some company that has the expertise in the digital marketing process. You can contact us for the same. We have the team of experts who can do all this for you.

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