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How to Grow Business With Instagram Updates

How to Grow Business With Instagram Updates

Instagram is a haven for all those who are smitten by the camera and want to express themselves through the world of pictures. Instagram also continuously works to give a great experience to their users where they cannot just post but interact with their bunch of like-minded people.

Come the month of July, Instagram has added a few new updates for Instagram users with the sole aim to keep your user glued to you who in the long run could end up taking your services too.  Let’s give you a lowdown on the new Instagram updates that have been provided to the followers of this social media platform.

If you are wondering what new they have given, just be rest assured the whole idea is to make the entire experience between the marketers and the users very one to one and interactive. To give you a quick prelude, now you are provided video chat and direct messaging so that one to one interaction can instantly happen. Added to this blue badge is also up for grabs where the select users can verify their accounts.

The new feature on Instagram

It’s all about giving added features on Instagram and providing a wonderful experience to its users, this is what Instagram or any other social media platform aims to provide its users always and every time.

Come this summer and Instagram is loaded with some of the great features which will make you feel more active and more connected to your community on Instagram. Let’s find out how?

Let us give you a lowdown on the new Instagram updates, which have the aim to increase efficiency, functionality and providing enhanced features to both the users and also the marketers on the platform.  Here they are:

  • Instagram presents new IGTV video creators handbook

End of July 2018, Instagram came out with a handbook on how to create amazing videos. It is a 50-page guide which guides you on how to upload videos on mobiles and desktops as well as guides you on the best practices that can be followed in doing so. It will also guide you to the great apps that can be referred on how to create your IGTV content as well as tips on how to maximize results on the Instagram social media platform.

This great new Instagram feature given in Instagram Updates released in June to Instagram users provides you with your very personal very own video facility for creating vertical videos which can work extremely well on smartphones like IOS and Android as well. This facility is available for both IGTV and the traditional Instagram platforms as well so that the traditional users don’t feel left out and they can experience the best always when they are with Instagram.

With the coming in of the vertical video it is being preferred more as they give perfect results on conversions as we generally hold our phones in a vertical fashion. Thus we get a flawless experience with this new feature adds as well as enhances the video output.

The Advantage:

This update offers the chance to stay longer in touch with the audience. This comes in the times when people are looking are looking for more and more opportunities for longer interactions.

Video Length

  • Length of your video can go from a min to 10 mins, which is undoubtedly one of the revolutionary Instagram Updates.
  • For verified users, it can go for more than an hour as well and even beyond.

Doesn’t it sound great, all you need to do here is think of some great stories to intertwine around your product? It’s all about being creative and building a story which can catch the pulse of the people.  Just for an example, it could just be a behind the scenes of a skating event which shows the entire event. Added to this it could have extended scenes of the falls that happened during the shooting or the scenes of recuperation time. At the end of the day, it’s all about making the entire experience as enjoyable and different as possible.

This further means to interpret that anybody on a very basic equipment with simplest camera features can shoot a video, upload the video and even edit the video from any smartphone and can go Live with it on Instagram. So your presence can be felt with minimum worry and minimum hassle of recording and presentation.

  • Instagram gives you the direct chatting feature with a Video chat-isn’t this great let’s find out

Now Google Hangout or an apple facetime kind of a facility on your Instagram, where you can talk directly with one person or video chat with minimum four different people where the video will come on the screen as they join in. So get connected face to face in real time and start a direct discussion.

In fact, a live broadcast can also be started which can be initiated by clicking the blue camera icon, which is next to the write a message box. For the notification, you would hear a ringing sound which will notify the user to take the call. Here you can have the conversation with anyone with whom the message window is open. Isn’t it an awesome Instagram Updates?

The Advantage:

Opens up a new channel where you can instantly connect with your user and address the concerns of your users instantly, thus giving you a more professional approach.

Video call with your followers directly

In June 2018, Instagram gifted the calling facility to its users where they could have a call with 4 of your Instagram followers directly with whom you have an active Instagram direct conversation option on Instagram. The whole idea is to bring people together and establishing the connection and especially with people who have similar tastes.

It’s all about establishing newer relationships be it between people or be it between the brand and the people. This is something which brands have to see how best they can explore and exploit to their benefit.

On a more practical side, this facility will be best suited for people providing services or companies providing chat support features for their products or interactive sessions for their services or tutorials. This is for companies to think about how best they can use it for their benefit.

  •  The Question Sticker! The question over a question -keeping the suspense alive

Come July 2018 Instagram threw open the Question sticker so as to increase the interaction levels between the members.

You can ask whatever questions you wish to your members who view your story, Users can reply to your questions. You can view the responses privately or  you can even share it within your story so as to start a conversation

Instagram’s all efforts are towards increasing the interaction. To further expedite the process they add a new Instagram Updates to their Instagram post where they add a totally new dimension to commenting.

You can notify the best replies you receive here and the best answers will also become a part of the story and you see keenness in the members to become a part of your story.

The Advantages:

Adds to your social media members and making your profile more strong by adding the right like-minded members who could be your potential buyers.

Similar Features to Question Sticker

We are all aware and have been using Poll stickers and emoji sliders where you give the followers the chance to vote on a question. You all are also aware How to ask a question on Instagram?, now this Instagram question story opens a new gateway of interaction unfolding where  when you add this Instagram question sticker to your follower, they can further ask you a question and  take you into a conversation where they can clear their doubts and take all information from you.

This feature is a boon for businesses as it can be a Live question-answer session between the business owner and potential buyers and we all are aware whenever there is a longer conversation higher are the chances of a deal materializing.

This Instagram question story it is a great interactive medium where doubts can be cleared then and there and you as a business owner will also know what you lack in your website and what buyers could be looking for.

On a generic note, it enhances the inquisitiveness quotient which is always a good sign in any relationship, which can be seen developing here. The Instagram followers can see more options for having a more meaningful conversation taking shape which can lead to more openness between both sides and business happens.

  • Instagram Update with New Topic channels

They are the new topic channels which now find a place in the Explore section. These new channels which they are called are placed at the top of the explore section visible for the users which have categories of the different posts which can be clicked to be viewed completely.

Here you will be recommended to view the channels based on the way users have behaved towards the particular channels. Hereby doing so, you will be able to connect with the target audience who could be your potential members and in due course of time turn out to be your business clients as well. The point of the entire exercise is to open the window to getting connected to newer members and to a new target audience.

How this could help

These topic channels will have a hashtag. These hashtags can be further used to connect to other related posts whereby you can make your post reach to a wider audience. Reason being that the people viewing these posts could be your potential buyers eventually and the target audience whom you have to capitalize.

In June 2018 itself The explore page got a new look Keeping the theme of the page in view, the explore page has become more “to discover” oriented. Instagram wants you to find what is of interest to you. This could be Top Channels. In the new layout, you will find the top channels across the top side of the page. Also the “For you” gets a more personalized look.

A significant aspect here is that the selection of the top channels is also based on the hashtags and accounts that you have been using all the while. Instagram has kept a track of that, though generic topics beauty, fashion, art, sports are of course part of it.

The advantage:

Now you get to filter the explore page with the posts that you want to see. Getting only the relevant posts can make your time that you spend on Instagram even more delightful.

The hashtag is the new Instagram search which will help you find and navigate through to the posts that have used that hashtag, so in simpler terms, Hashtags is like the filtering funnel and the new enhanced Instagram Updates. Thus the hashtag strategy is something that businesses need to focus on so that their brand and business can be found through that particular hashtag and in turn enhance the traffic coming to your website.

Well over a million people are visiting the explore page looking for things through hashtags, so aligning your business as per hashtags, your products and everything you wish to showcase need to be aligned through hashtags to get your customer to find you and interact with you.

  • Instagram new update of adding the Music sticker

Music is the spice of life, then how can Instagram be left behind. With the new features offered by Instagram, you can add a music sticker to further add that spark to your story profile on Instagram. In this new Instagram Updates, you can attach a music sticker where you can add a soundtrack to your Instagram stories. Sounds cool right! Yes, now Instagram adds a persona to your profile with a sound tune. You can be creative where you can add a soundtrack to your mood which can actually be a reflection of your character and what kind of nature you behold.

You can choose a track which could reflect your business for instance if you are into baby products then a cute soundtrack with lullabies could be incorporated. This will definitely add to the feel of the product and will create a great impression of you as a thorough professional. Here it will speak very highly of you where your keen eye towards details will be reflected. It will definitely go down very well with people who could be your potential customers.

All in all, this is a great opportunity for businesses who are somewhere related to the music industry where this could be the best way one can promote themselves on such a platform with such direct promotions coming your way here.

The Advantage:

It Keeps your members more occupied and engrossed. Also, it sets the mood of the story where the members will feel related.

Instagram new Update in process

  • 2 step verification process

Keeping security of its users is Instagram’s top priority. This July Instagram has initiated the 2 step verification process where they are doing away with the SMS verification. But it goes ahead with the apps like Google Authenticator and DUO where the security procedure cannot be easily hacked.

Just switch on this two-step verification process ON. Just enable it, where work is still in the process over this. Instagram is working to launch it.

  • The verified badge

Through this badge, we aim to give credibility to businesses so that members have a more trust in each other especially when it comes to doing business.

  • Removing members from account

This facility was given to private accounts and we plan to give it to public profiles too.

All these new Instagram updates are catered to Instagram followers and to make them feel more wanted and special. However, one thing which we must realize is how big an advantage these features are giving to people here in terms of Social Media Marketing opportunity. All you need to be is little creative, little naïve and very smart to leverage this to your advantage and see conversions happen.

It’s time to make your relations strong and make you one of the most sought-after coming to Instagram, so try these updates and use them to your advantage.

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