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5 Instagram SEO Techniques You Must Try

5 Instagram SEO Techniques You Must Try

Instagram SEO gives you a new way of business promotion by directly engaging your audiences using attractive graphics posts. Instagram is a social media platform used widely by social media marketers and SEO experts. Social media marketing and SEO go hand-in-hand. Every social media platform offers different ways for businesses to utilize the platform as an SEO tool. Instagram SEO is also getting more and more popular in this context.

For the newbies, let’s explain what exactly Instagram is. Instagram is an image-centric platform with a lot of features. With the help of images and videos, marketing can be done on Instagram. You can add text in the description part. A number of other old and new features can be witnessed in Instagram such as stories, questions-answers etc. Here you can read some popular Instagram techniques, which will definitely be helpful for you for your business promotion.

1. Keyword Research for Hashtags

When a hashtag is added, your post is added to the directory of that hashtag. The # symbol is added to a word or the combination of words to attract the audiences to your post. When the audiences search hashtags in the search box of the Instagram or click on the same hashtag at the post of anyone else, he/she finds your post in the list.

You can add multiple hashtags and the hashtags can be decided in different ways. First, the keywords used for your products or services can be the best hashtags. You can add related phrases without using space to create new hashtags or use existing hashtags. Capitalize the first letter of each word in order to make the phrase vivid in the hashtag.

Another way is that you can search the trendy hashtags. These hashtags can list your post with the posts of big brands. Besides, you can also discover your own hashtags. When someone enters the related letters in the search box of Instagram, your hashtag may appear in auto-suggestion.

2. Start Contest for Prizes

Starting the contest for prizes is a very common tactic. But, it is worth mentioning because it has been tried very less to do Instagram SEO as compared to SEO using other social media platforms. Prizes go a very long way on Instagram and other social media websites, so there is no harm in spending some money for them and continuing the contests.

As per the market expert, Neil Patel, “a single giveaway could secure a few thousand extra followers”.

A number of ways are there for creating a contest for social media. One of the examples is to ask the customers to show off their pictures that using the identical hashtag.

3. Include Call-To-Action

Including call-to-action is a great way to engage audiences in your posts. You can simply ask the audiences to:

  • Like photos
  • Tag Friends
  • Comment of pictures

A number of users like to see pictures and avoid the texts. So, if you add call-to-action in the image instead of text, then it will be a perfect option.

Another way to include call-to-action is to give choice to the audiences like this or that and ask them to like or comment according to their choices.

4. Story Question Sticker as Instagram SEO tool

Instagram allows the users to add stories for twenty-four hours, which is identical to the Facebook story, and WhatsApp status (up to some extent). A new feature was added to the story a few months ago, and that is a question sticker. With the help of Q&A feature, you can ask the consumers’ feedback or can start a survey. This is another way of engagement of audiences.

It is very easy to add question sticker. Upload a photo or video to the Instagram story and tap the sticker button.

Select a new question sticker and type out your prompt. After writing the prompt, place it where you want to put it.  Then, the next step is to simply share your story.

5. Instagram Business Tool for Advertising

Instagram SEO & marketing starts from connecting with the audiences via stories, relevant pictures, and utilization of the correct filters. The next step that is required to be used is Instagram Business Tools, which is meant for the businesses. These Instagram features allow you to see the metrics and you can come to know who some posts are performing. So, these options are essentially the insight options. The data like engagement and shares, reach, insights, etc. are for the purpose of paid advertisements.


The above-mentioned analysis shows that Instagram is a perfect platform of users’ engagement. You can engage the users by call-to-action, question stickers, and contests, etc. Besides, you can also use the paid business tools in order to see the insights and metrics. The hashtag is an ideal way to add keywords.

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