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Tips to Make an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Tips to Make an Effective Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Before making the healthcare marketing strategy, it is necessary to understand what are the factors, which are required to target according to the current psychological state of the potential clients. Here are the factors, which can help you to work upon the healthcare marketing strategy.

  • Online habits of the patients.
  • Healthcare website design because the website design is a major aspect, which allures the online audiences.
  • Targeted healthcare SEO, which is most probably the local SEO.
  • Approaching the patients through social media marketing.
  • Video marketing, which is no longer a luxury now, and has become a necessary aspect for communicating with patients.
  • Patients reviews
  • Content marketing, which is one of the prominent sources to build authority in the market.

These are some of the factors, which are the part of healthcare marketing or can help you in making an ideal healthcare marketing strategy.

To make the strategy, you are required to work upon the goals of marketing. No doubt, the major goal is to attract the patients. But, you need to set the goals for different techniques, which will take you towards the prominent aim, i.e., to attract more clients to your healthcare firm or clinic.

1. Build Your Authority Online

It is required to understand first what exactly the authority is. Authority means when people trust you for your information as well as the services you offer. Next question to consider is how you can build this authority online. Simple answer – you need to add stuff online that could help the patients and give answers to their healthcare queries.

For building the authority, you need to add the relevant stuff for the audiences. You need to add tips for healthcare, first aid and a lot of health-related topics. Here, the question that you need to think about is where to add all this stuff.

Here are the mediums through which you can build your authority online.


This is a conventional way to build the authority online. Here the word “conventional” refers to a way which is being used for more than a decade, even at the time when there were not so much Google algorithm updates.

Blogging is an excellent way to solve the queries of the people via the posts. A number of internet users like to surf the internet for their health-related queries. Your blog posts may attract their attention, which can be further helpful for you also to get more clients.

When the individuals get the answers to their queries in your posts, they start trusting you, which further leads to trust building in the services you provide. There are many healthcare blogs active today on the web. The blog of 33 Charts, is one of the perfect examples in this regard.

You are required to do both on-site and off-site blogging to build a strong authority. It means that you should maintain a blog space on your website, as well as on some external sites. But, you need to update the blog regularly least once a week.

#Video Hosting Websites

The video hosting sites, among which YouTube is the prominent one, which is also considered as a social media site, is the perfect means to educate people in more effective ways. Videos are no more the luxuries of only the high-end marketers, it is a necessity for your healthcare marketing strategy. It is possible even for a common man today to upload a video. But, here, uploading any video is not sufficient, and you are required to add the professional quality videos. You can make videos with the help of experts, or by hiring some digital marketing agency.

With the help of video, you can give a live demonstration of a number of aspects, which is not possible in case of written text in blog posts. However, it is also a suggestable option to embed your videos in the blog posts, which will increase the value of your blogs several times more than usual. The two-way interaction is also possible now on YouTube by the means of live videos.

You can give some excellent tips related to healthcare. The YouTube channel of Dr. Oz is one of the perfect examples in this regard.

Apart from YouTube, you can upload the video to some other video hosting sites also, such as Dailymotion.

#Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are another option to build authority and they are the perfect means for not just solving the queries of the people, but also to engage with them and to know their requirements. Engaging with the audiences is also helpful in giving you new ideas about your blog posts and videos. You can understand the requirements of the internet users and can pick the theme for your content accordingly.

In fact, some social media sites other than YouTube also provide the platform for uploading the videos. For example, you can also upload video or start a live video on Facebook. Instagram also provides you the option to add small videos on its usual platform and 10-minute videos on IGTV. Besides, you can also go live in Instagram stories.

On the social media sites, you need to create a business page or profile for maximum impact.

#Question and Answers

As already mentioned, answering the queries of the patients is a way to build the authority, so why not answer the questions directly. Quora is an ideal platform, where you can directly answer the questions as a part of your healthcare marketing strategy. You need to keep track of the new health-related questions being asked by the patients and answer them.

#Search Engine Ranking

Search engine ranking is a different aspect, but it can still be considered as an aspect for authority building. When your website gets the top ranking on certain keywords, it builds trust among the searchers. This is also considered as a perfect way for competing with the big brand.  The search engine ranking needs a vast description, and you will be able to read it the next point.

2. Target Healthcare SEO

According to reports, a huge number of people turn to the search engines when they have health queries. Your blog posts and videos do well for this purpose, but your blogs and videos need to appear in front of the right audience. And for that, it is necessary to rank your website on certain targeted keywords. This is the place, where the patients not just get their queries solved, but can also get their required services.

Besides, when the patients need healthcare services, the fact cannot be overlooked that the search engines are the major sources, which people use to look for them.

You can accomplish local SEO or organic SEO as per your requirement. Here are the things, which you can do.

#Local SEO

Local SEO is for targeting the local audiences, and for this purpose, the major thing you need to do is to add your location, working hours, etc. in the search engine directories. Google My Business and Bing Places are the two popular search engine directories, in which the details about your business can be included.

Whenever the healthcare services you deal in are searched on the search engines in your area, your clinic or hospital is displayed in the list. Moreover, your location is added to Google Maps and Bing Maps, which is not only displayed in the search results but also help the people in reaching at your place via GPS system through their smartphones.

#Organic SEO

Organic SEO is prominently based on keywords. In this, you need to target the keywords, which are used by the people for searching your services on the search engines. The keywords can be the combination of your services and location, and many other phrases, which is best suitable for your industry. Besides, the keywords are selected with the help of keyword research tools.

In addition to this, adding links to other sites, on-site optimization etc. are some other things, on which the work is required to be done.

To Sum Up

In the facts mentioned above, you get a concise idea about how to make the healthcare marketing strategy. Still, it may not be so easy for you to make a strategy. But, you have no need to worry in this regard in this era of tie-ups and team works. You can contact a healthcare marketing agency in order to make an ideal marketing strategy for your healthcare agency. We also have a team of experts to accomplish your marketing goals. Our experts have a vast knowledge of all the aspects of digital marketing. You can contact us and can get a perfect digital marketing strategy along with its implementation.

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