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9 Online Dental Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Practice

9 Online Dental Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Practice

Like all other niches, digital marketing is the first choice of a lot of dental clinics when it comes to promoting a practice. But, every area has some specific requirements, and dental marketing is no exception. Still, we cannot deny the fact that a large number of people seeking dental advice or treatment search for the internet.

According to a survey conducted by Big Buzz in 2017, around 63% of patients prefer to search online for dental services.

So, it becomes necessary for the dentists and dental firms to make online or digital marketing strategies in order to get more clients. A lot of strategies are prevalent today for digital marketing such as search engine marketing, social media campaigns etc. Here are some of the techniques that you can use for online dental marketing.

Local Awareness with Facebook Ads

While you start marketing your dental practices, it is necessary for you to be specific about your market. Most likely, you will like to show your advertisements to the people living in your city or in the radius of 50-miles. If you are based in California, then it will not work so much for you if your ad is displayed in New York.

So, you need to start Facebook ads for local awareness, which is an excellent way to reach local audiences. You also have the option to share the new map card for sharing for details which are locally relevant, such as hours of operation, address, distance to your place, and links to “Get Direction”. Also, use the Call-to-Action button to provide an easy prompt to make an appointment.

Facebook Demographic Targeting

Facebook renders good demographic targeting options, and you can use this for your business advantage. Apart from the business-related targets, the potential clients can be targeted by with other aspects also like employment, income, interest, relationship status etc. According to some researches, a huge number of dental buying decisions are made by women.

Click-to-Call Advertisements

The major aim of dental marketing is to attract the patients to book the appointments. It is usually done by calling your office or clinic. Click-to-call advertisements will be proven to be helpful for you to get the prospects. This option is available in Facebook ads and Google ads. You can add this option as the extension in the existing ads.

Google My Business Page

Optimizing Google My Business Page (GMB) for dental marketing is a basic idea with a huge impact. You can immediately attract the local audiences with the help of this directory listing. Google My Business will add your location in Google Maps, so your business will appear in the lists when someone from your nearby location will search for the dental services. For optimizing the pager, you need to add the following details.

  • Categories of your business, like “dentist” “dental clinic” etc.
  • Your business description.
  • Hours of operation.
  • Your service area or address.
  • Your phone number.
  • Review section.

Start a Blog on Dental Practices

Patients search the answer of a lot of their teeth related issues on the internet. It may include even the basic questions like how many times they require to brush in a day, or which kind of toothbrush they should use. A large volume of searches can be witnessed with keyword “best toothbrush” in the past two years, and more and more patients are inclined towards searching Google for their dental health queries.

You need to have the solution of the queries of the patients who are curious about the things related to dental health. Here are some of the ideas for your blogs that you can use.

Correct the Misconceptions of the People:

There are always some wrong assumptions among the people about health issues, and dental health is no exception. You would also have heard some wrong concepts while dealing with patients. Try to correct them in your blog posts. It builds a strong trust of the readers, and they will not hesitate in fixing the appointment with you at the time of requirement.

Solve the Queries:

You would have faced some queries while dealing with some patients. These queries could be the doubts of some other people also. Besides, you can also read the queries of some individuals in social media discussions and other internet forums. Make these queries topics of your blog posts and answer them.

Help the People to Create Healthy Living Habits:

People always look for the easy methods of healthy living. Help them in doing so by your blog posts. Suggest the tips for not only healthy teeth but also the healthy body while keeping your specialization in the topics on dental health.

Create Blog Posts according to Trends:

The Internet is flooded with debates and discussions. Sometimes, you may find some topics, which are under debate in a lot of blogs and forums, which become the trends. Besides, there are a lot more trends that can be witnessed. Take those trends to create the blog posts. Such posts are helpful in attracting the audiences towards your blog.

After all this, it is required to understand where you should maintain your blog space. To answer this, you should have your blog spaces on your website as well as an external site.

Optimize Your Web Pages and Blogs for Search Engines

Google search is a major way, which people use for searching for some services. Some people use other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. A large number of patients like to search the dental services on the search engines, so it is necessary to be visible among on the search engines, and you need to use the process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You are required to optimize your web pages as well as your blog for this purpose.

The rankings of the search engines are determined the complex algorithms. The algorithms look for indicators, keywords and other factors for deciding what your website is all about and what your search queries your web pages and blogs answer best.

Here are the factors on which you need to work for dental marketing.

  • Webpage speed should be less than 3-seconds.
  • The website should be mobile-friendly.
  • A website should be secured (HTTPS).
  • Images should be optimized with alt tags.
  • There should be a dental schema for every page of your website.
  • There should be quality content on web pages as well as blog pages.
  • Backlinks should be added at authoritative websites.
  • Add social media presence.

Add Shareable Posts on Social Media Websites

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are ideal means today to tell about your services to the masses. You need to add the shareable posts on the social media websites, and whether the post is shareable or not, it is decided by the following reasons:

  • Posts should bring valuable, informative or entertaining stuff to the audiences. They should grow and nourish your relationships with customers.
  • Tell people about your services in engaging ways.
  • The posts should be engaging. You can add surveys and quizzes.

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, you need to consider the factors that you require to promote your dental practices.

  • Make people aware about the dental health in your posts.
  • Create infographics for the awareness of people about dental health.
  • Create videos highlighting your services, patients, work-to-do, dental awareness and a lot more.

Show before and after via pictures and videos. Show the difference between how people’s “smiles” before they came to your clinic and after. It adds a positive impact among the audiences.

Do Video Marketing

It is a well-known fact the videos have become the most influential ways to promote any product, service or idea. Videos are most likely to get the ranking in the year 2019 as compared to the written text.

For dental marketing also, video marketing is one of the most effective methods. You are required to create a video highlighting your services, dental awareness, your activities, the solution to people’s problems via lectures, presentations, and documentaries. Create your channel on the video hosting websites like YouTube. Add videos after regular intervals. As your followers will grow, you will have more chance to get new clients. Also, add your details in the videos as well as in “About” in your channel.

List Your Services in Relevant Dental Directories

Apart from the conventional directories like Google and Yelp, you also need to list your business in some popular directories, which are specific to the dental services. Some of the names include:

To Sum Up your Dental Marketing approach: 

Online marketing has a huge scope to increase your practice, and a number of other methods can be used apart from the above mentioned ones. You always need to be aware of the algorithm updates by the search engines, because they are the factors for increase and drop in the ranking of your website ranking. It may not be an easy process for you. You can contact us for the dental marketing services. Our team of experts will work on different marketing methods for your dental practices.

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