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Why Mobile App Development in India Is a Great Approach for Startups

Why Mobile App Development in India Is a Great Approach for Startups

App development in India has come a long way over the last two decades. Over the past few years, mobile applications have come up with a new phase of technology. Now a smartphone is enough for a lot of tasks for which you had to keep a huge bag with you in the past, or you were required to keep some of the things at your home. Do you know how?

Going back a few years

Let’s imagine that you have traveled across the time and reached to the year 2000. Here, you have to spend a number of days with the things, which were available at that time. Now, you are traveling on a train and going for a long journey on the same timeline. You don’t want to talk to fellow passengers, and you need the material to pass your time with something useful and entertaining. What you can do is to keep a newspaper, a book, and a video game. This is all about you can do and you will need to make some special space in your bag.

Let’s come back

Now, come back in 2018. Now you are on a train in the current scenario. Let’s imagine what you can do now. The thing you need to do is to keep a smartphone in your pocket and all the other things will be with you. For news, you have mobile apps from many news agencies, or you can simply open the browser, which is an app itself and can open the news website. For books, there are a lot of apps to read books, which you can install and can read, or you can install PDF reader and can read the books in PDF. A number of video game apps are there to play on the way. Sounds good?

But, this is not all. You have a lot of other options due to the availability of mobile apps. You can watch movies and other videos, listen to music, or contact your loved ones with real-time apps and a lot more.

So, the mobile apps have become a part of the life of people from across the globe. But, the above-mentioned ones are the basic usages, which have been discussed to suggest how these apps are affecting every aspect of life. The most important aspect, which is missing in the above imagination, is the professional usage.

The global scenario

A large number of firms across the globe like to use the apps for their businesses. Some of the app developers offer readymade apps for the companies, but many times they are not suitable for the specific usages of the firms. So, a plenty of business organizations hire the developers for developing apps for their firms. When we look towards big companies, they have their own business model. They either keep their own staff for the development of apps or outsource the app development to some international brands.

But, when it comes to startups, the above-mentioned options are not at all suitable for them. Keeping the staff specifically for the app development may not be feasible for them, and outsourcing it to the international brands can burn their pockets. So, the question arises where to find cost-effective app development services and that too from skilled developers. The solution is not difficult nowadays. There are some nations today where the industry of app development is flourishing. These countries are popular for the skilled developers and here you can find the outsourcing at the cost-effective prices. India is one of the big names in the area of app development in the present scenario. On some of the websites, which present the analysis of app development scope, India is at number one place among other countries where you can find app development services.

Mobile App Development in India – A Flourishing Industry

App development is a flourishing industry in India without any second thought. A number of companies are offering the app development for worldwide firms. According to a survey, around 80% of the companies from the USA and Europe choose India as the first destination for outsourcing app development. Some of the most skilled developers are harbored by India. Report of National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) also says that almost half of Fortune 500 nations outsource software development to the outsourcing firms in India. India contains a large workforce of half billion and here you can find a number of website designers, website developers, programmers and of course app developers.

Even you can find the individuals offering the app development services. But, when you are running a company, it seems to be a more suitable option to deal with an organized firm. You can sign the contracts with these firms for the short or long terms. Besides, the companies can also be approached for the one-time requirements. You need to check the reviews and the rapport of the company, which can help you in understanding what the best option for the purpose of app development for your firm is.

Why Startups Should Choose India for App Development

Why the startup firms in the USA and Europe choose India for app development, it has been concisely mentioned above. Let’s talk about keeping a comprehensive approach to this. A number of reasons are available, which supports the fact why the startups should choose app development in India.

#Availability of Skilled Workforce

As mentioned above also, India boasts of half billion workforces. Interestingly, this is more than the entire population of the USA. Thousands of individuals become technology graduates every year with international standard qualifications. Moreover, this is the era of the technology boom in India. For more than a decade, a great fad can be witnessed among the Indian youths about the new age technologies. So, there is no lack of skilled engineers and other technical experts in India. As talked earlier, India consists of a flourishing app development industry. Plenty of app development firms are active there. On the other hand, there are many IT firms dealing in multiple areas, which also include the services of app development to the firm. These firms have the skilled app developers who work for their projects as per the requirements of the clients.

#Considered as Number One Destination for App Development

As claimed by a number of experts, India is considered as a number one destination for app development followed by Philippines and Poland due to the availability of a large number of skilled app developers and the prices that can be afforded by most of the firms.

#Cost-Effective Solutions

Indian workforce is not only skilled but it also presents cost-effective solutions. The prices offered by Indian firms as well as individual developers are very low as compared to many other nations. Usually, you may be worried about the quality when someone does a deal with your at low prices. But, this is not the case in India. As discussed several times, the skilled developers charge economical prices there. But, the low prices are not the indications of low quality if you approach India for app development. Of course, you need to check the rapport and reviews of a company before giving it your project of application development.

#Availability of Discounted Offers

The trend of discounted offers can be widely witnessed in India in every field. The app development in India is not an exception. Here also, you can find the discounted offers on several occasions such as on festivals or simply to attract the customers. But, the intent to allure can also be an advantage for the startups. What you need to do is to research about the offers, or keep eye on the websites of some firms which you have listed for your projects. Apart from all, if you sign a long-term contract, then also you can get the services at lower prices as compared to short-term or one time projects.

#Huge Experience of Developers

If you want the developers with good experience, then also India is the right place. Due to a huge trend of app development in India, the developers have gained a huge experience. More and more projects come to these people every day, which is why they get a huge experience in a small time span. Even in the small time span of two years, the developers get a mountain of experiences. If you find ten years experienced person, then you will really be over the moon.

#New Ideas of App Development Firms

When the startups go for app development in India, they usually prefer to approach a firm rather than an individual developer. Here the experience of the firm matters. Many of them have a team of developers, which include both experienced personas and newbies. So, there is no lack of experience, plus your projects get the advantage of fresh ideas of new graduates.

#Connection with Almost Every Technology Hub

There are a lot of places in the world, which are known as technology hubs. As Indian firms get the business from across the globe, they are in touch with every technology hub. The companies from those destinations provide the projects to the Indian firms. So, the developers find new exposure in every project. The projects coming from technology hubs are full of high-end requirements. So, their experiences are not only enhanced but are also enriched.

#Better Understanding of Strategic Planning

App development requires the good strategic planning. This strategic planning leads to the success of development as per your requirement. Here comes experience of Indian firms. They have experienced the problems of a plenty of clients. This is why they have gained a huge expertise in strategic planning. This strategic planning can also be marked as a reason due to which app development in India can be a good idea for the startups.

#Ready to Assist Even After Development Process Is Completed

There may be some cases when you are willing to get some more additions or improvements in the apps. Besides, despite the expertise of the developers, there may be some human error at some point in time. When you go for app development in India, you have no need to worry about the after-sales services. The app development firms in India assist you even after they sell you the app. You can get in touch with them if you still need something.

#Easy Contracts

You may need to sign the contracts when you want to do a long-term dealing with some firm. The long-term contracts of the firms involved in app development in India are not as difficult as they are in some other countries. You need to sign the easy contracts, which are safe and transparent.


So, we can conclude that app development in India has a wonderful scope for startups due to various reasons. Expertise & experience of the workforce, cost-effectiveness and an excellent system of working & dealings can be taken as the basic points, to sum up. Due to all these reasons, there are some wonderful future prospects also in app development in India. You can find the developers easily today online. Hopefully, your enterprise will get the perfect solution by contacting the app development firms in India.

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