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5 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

5 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing

We are living in the online world today and if you are aware of digital marketing then you know how fast things are changing.

Well, the only thing which remains constant amidst all this frenzy is the drive to get business which can be very well handled by a well sought out and planned Digital marketing campaign.

However; off late, it has been observed that people are having a very negative impression of digital marketing. On the contrary, digital marketing is such a boon which is actually making a difference in the lives of businesses and taking them to a position which they could have never imagined.

So many digital marketing agencies have mushroomed recently allowing the increase in demand and the future of the online business scene.

Let’s try and burst the myth around the digital marketing business and clear the air for a comfortable existence. People could be thinking all wrong, let’s just ponder what incorrect impression digital marketing has:

  • Too much of investment of time as well as finances and lesser returns: 

    Digital marketing like any other marketing exercise follows step by step procedure where it touches all the different areas of the campaign. Like any other exercise, digital marketing has its own gestation time and one should give that much time for it to show results.

Patience is the key and one should not jump the gun and come to conclusions. Wait!

  • Too technical a process to handle:

    On the face of it, people have this impression that the digital marketing genre is a very technical field. On the contrary, it is a different field altogether. Yes like any other marketing strategy it requires constant checking at every stage and the subsequent iterations and up gradations in the entire campaign as and when required need to be carried out so that it gives profitable results.

    Also, today a number of tools are available online through which one can easily check the different marketing data of your website like the number of hits on pages and the most visited pages.

    You can even analyze how long a person was on a page and why a deal did not materialize and one can even postulate the possible causes behind it.

Well, any layman like you can handle this marketing campaign with ease, be rest assured.

  • Search engine optimization is a dying ship:

    The beauty of Google is, it does not stop to amaze us. Google is continuously on the job to upgrade its algorithm so that people don’t fool it.

    It’s been decades where Google has changed its way of indexing sites, one needs to keep track of that. Google can tweak the parameters of indexing but can never let go of indexing, be sure of that. Keeping this in mind the SEO strategy must continue silently and move on. Never give Google the opportunity to stop indexing your site; you will be taken by surprise for sure later.

    With the increasing use of smartphones, websites are being more viewed, thus digital marketing is the marketing of the future and is here to stay.

Everyone is using it and so should you.

  • Requires loads of money:

    This is the biggest wrong information that people have. In fact, as mentioned earlier you at your end too can handle your digital marketing campaign yourself. There is no requirement of giving your digital marketing campaign to a marketing agency to bring you results.
    No need to shell out your money by paying them to do the job.

    Research the internet, read blogs and we are sure you can do the job perfectly well at your end. This will boost your confidence too and you will, of course, get a sense of pride too that you did yourself.

  • Being on the Social media sites takes care of everything:

    This is a very wrong though. Being on the social media websites does help, but do keep in mind you have to do a lot more than just being there. You need to write meaningful and regular content there so that people can notice you and register you in their minds.

Continue to keep yourself fresh in the people’s minds.

Don’t follow people all the time. Experience it to feel it and believe in it. It’s time to cash on the benefits of digital marketing. Just take the plunge and go for it with an open mind.

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