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Custom Application Development to Digitize your Business

Business applications are a necessity nowadays to help keep the business’ running smoothly and in an efficient way. At Canbay, we have been delivering software development services for a wide range of areas such as business application software, analytics & reports, RPO & IOT.

After understanding what types of application software is suitable for your business, we offer the right solution. Our design and development team works with you to analyze your business needs and translate them to applications using the right technology  as per the requirement.

Easy department management

With these applications integrated into your business operations, it becomes easy to manage all the departments. We design and develop software applications that can be implemented by the business of all sizes and scales. Thus, the software applications designed for business houses offer all-around benefits.

Efficient customer relations

The business software helps in managing customer relationships efficiently. This offers business owners to develop and manage their own customer database more accurately and discreetly. We also provide the facility of internet marketing so as to help business owners with up-sell and cross-sell.

Better quotes to clients

The software applications help business owners provide clients better quotes and accurate invoices. The applications developed are integrated with facilities of invoicing. You can also keep track of sales activities to get an accurate view of the products sold, payments due, payment received and the rates offered.

Enhanced security system

Another biggest advantage of software applications is that it helps businessmen enhance security system within the workplace. This provides business owners a centralized control system for assigning and tracking the designated areas. You can also monitor the employee movements accordingly.

Create & Manage New Projects

Companies or business units often use application software for creating new projects. By using software, business owners are able to track the progress of the project at each stage. The software also helps business owners and managers to keep track of inventories and resource cost of the project.

What comes with your Application Software Services

Save Work Time and Enhance Productivity


Popularly known as ERP, this type of business software is used by companies to store, solicit, store, manipulate and analyze the data derived from a variety of business operations. It is a bundle of integrated applications.


Popularly known as CRM, this bundle of integrated applications is used by companies to store, solicit, store, manipulate and analyze customer data. It facilitates the sales process and manages customer interaction.


Popularly known as PM, the software is designed to plan and execute projects in a hassle free way. You can also manage the other functions associated with projects such as scheduling, managing costs and budgets and reporting results.


Popularly known as BPM, the software is designed to facilitate rapid development and automation of strategic processes. Optimized for mobile devices, the software is helpful in managing complex data and content.

Why Hire Us for Your Application Software Development

Rock Solid Guarantee

Every project includes a guarantee clause so as to make sure that we deliver the quality project on time and within budget. You will also get after support & maintenance to fix critical defects if any discovered in future.

Highly Skilled Team

We have a dedicated team for each technology domain who have years of experience. Our developers are well versed in various technical fields who put their best effort to bring out the best app solutions.

Best in Class RnD Unit

Our team of highly skilled R&D experts are ever ready to provide you assistance during the software development cycle. No matter you face a strategic pivot or hit a roadblock – we are here to help you 24*7.

Assured Security of Information

Leave the worries aside that your information will be disclosed. We take your intellectual information rights seriously. To make sure your ideas stay yours we sign an NDA to secure codebase and other deliverables.

Outperform the Competition And Achieve Outstanding Revenues

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