Making Email Marketing work for you

Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a vital component of the overall social media marketing strategy and if you aren’t utilizing its benefits, it’s time to rethink it. Many businesses overlook the power of a well crafted and targeted email message but if done right, it can help forge meaningful connections with existing and potential customers. There are many benefits of email marketing but first, consider this:

73% marketers consider email as a core to their business

But why?

This large percentage of marketers cannot all be wrong and you are not already doing so, incorporate email marketing in your overall strategy. Emails help keep your business in the spotlight and build a loyal readership and fan base, contributing to developing your sales funnel for future endeavors. As important as you may think social media is for your business, you must consider email marketing an essential component of social media marketing that you ought to be using to your advantage.

Email Campaigns are here to stay

Email isn’t going anywhere and it’s time that you start using this tool for customer engagement and awareness. However, ensuring emails are read remains a challenge for any business and that is why, we are here to help you!

Working with Canbay, you can be sure that your email marketing is well handled. Your emails will not only be read, crafted by a highly skilled and professional content marketing team, but also, they will provide customer engagement that allows your business to build a growing email readership. In the long term, a business that has a loyal fan base can see them converting to loyal customers eventually.

We can help give your business the edge that lets you stand out and compete with other firms. Our dedicated teams work with you to craft email strategies complementing your overall social marketing mix. This allows any business to create informative and useful content that enhances readership. With our strategic approach to email marketing, you can see the results for yourself!

Email marketing

A business can utilize the power of emails in many ways, which also allows its potential customers and readers to look forward to it. Some of the fronts that we apply our email marketing efforts to include:


  • Monthly newsletter
  • Video tutorial
  • Important news and announcements
  • Company event promotions
  • Product promotions
  • Special and online bonus offers


The way you use email marketing to your advantage can say a lot about your company and allow you to develop a favorable company image in the eyes of your potential customers. There are many ways an email benefits your readers as well. Readers love being the first ones to know about company promotions and offers, and creating that anticipation with your email marketing strategy can take your company further in forming a loyal customer base. As long as your email is targeted, informative, eye catching and unique, you will be in the eyes of your readers.

However, just like other social media strategies, the success of your email can also be measured in numbers and allows your business to quickly adopt and evolve strategies that work. We, at Canbay, ensure that you reach your end goals with the effective use of email marketing.